Professional development

Looking to progress higher and faster in your career, and increase your earning potential? NTU has the largest number of postgraduate students taking professional qualifications (HESA 2014/15). Our professional and career development courses will enhance your employability, and give you the industry knowledge you’ll need to get ahead.

Taught by industry experts, and specifically tailored to be flexible for working professionals, a professional course at Nottingham Trent University will help you to take the next step in your chosen field.

We offer a range of courses across our Schools including CIM, CIPD and CIPFA  qualifications.

NTU has the largest number of postgraduate students taking professional qualifications (HESA 2015/16)

Courses backed by industry

Having a qualification accredited by a professional body carries real weight, and can set you apart from the competition. For some professions – such as architecture – an accredited qualification is essential just to begin your career. In others, an accredited qualification can give you a real head start.

Our Schools work closely with a range of professional bodies to deliver accredited courses that are perfectly matched to industry. That means we focus on delivering training and knowledge that you can be certain is making you more attractive to employers and clients.

Being accredited by a professional body has other perks, too. Often an accredited qualification comes with membership to the awarding professional body, which can offer you further help and advice throughout your career.

Follow the links below, and find out more about accredited courses across our Schools:

Employer sponsorship

If you're in work and considering one of our professional development courses, speak with your employer – they might be willing to contribute towards the costs of your full or part-time course. Explore the funding options available, and the possibility of sponsorship. The advantages for your employer are clear – they stand to benefit from your improved knowledge and skills, and the positive effect this could have on their business.

Approaching your employer

Although many employers are keen to develop their staff, it isn’t always easy to secure funding. You’ll need to prove that the qualification is worth their investment and your time, especially as your working hours will need to fit around your study.

But don’t be discouraged. Many organisations offer training schemes for exactly this purpose. Start by carefully researching your company’s policies, and any existing schemes that may be suitable for you and them.

If your employer doesn’t offer any funding programmes, consider speaking with your manager or HR department. Be prepared to make a strong case for the benefits of your course, such as the new skills you'll be able to bring to your role, as well as the transferable skills – such as communication and problem solving – that you'll develop.

Short courses

Interested in gaining more professional qualifications? Perhaps you want to explore a new discipline and gain new skills, or you like learning for pleasure. Take a look at the short courses available to help you develop your skills, and enhance your career.

We provide a diverse range of open and bespoke courses across all of our academic disciplines. Many of these are targeted at Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for specific industries and sectors.

A short course can give you the opportunity to:

  • review your career
  • build a portfolio for college or work
  • explore your skills in a particular discipline
  • refresh your knowledge
  • develop specialist skills to support other studies
  • access expertise to help you develop your own business
  • find new approaches to content and delivery
  • keep up-to-date with the latest thinking
  • achieve your full potential in the workplace
  • expand your horizons or stimulate your interest in a particular subject
  • ensure that you are complying with current legislation.

Approximately 95% of our postgraduates are employed or engaged in further study six months after leaving (latest DLHE survey postgraduate results 2014-2015)

Professional development

Published on 29 January 2018

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