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What to do now you've been made an offer

When you accept your offer, you’ll start to hear directly from the NTU School that your course belongs to. They’ll send you all the information you need to prepare for the start of your course. Keep a close eye on your emails, and ensure that you’ve provided us with the correct postal address, so that we can get in touch with you.

I’ve received an offer from NTU – what now?

To accept your offer and start your course, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Check your offer

    Log in to our Applicant Portal to see the details of your offer, including any conditions. Please note that if you’ve applied for a course with the Nottingham Institute of Education, you’ll need to refer to UCAS Track to see the full details of your offer.

    You’ll have received either a conditional or unconditional offer:

    • If the offer’s conditional, you’ll be expected to meet at least one of the conditions in order to gain entry to your chosen course.
    • If it’s unconditional, you’ll have no further conditions to meet.

    For some of our Education and Social Work courses, you’ll also be required to undertake further statutory checks, to ensure your professional suitability for the course. In these cases, you’ll be contacted directly, and provided with the full details of any outstanding requirements.

    Note that if you’ve applied for more than one course, you’ll receive a separate decision for each course.

  • Accept your offer

    Accepting your offer means that you’ve reserved a place on the course – however, you’ll still need to meet any conditions. Please note that as competition for many of our courses is high, you must accept your offer within four weeks, before it potentially elapses.

  • Meet your conditions

    Using the My Documents section of the Portal, upload all of the documents we’ve requested, giving evidence that you’ve satisfied the conditions of your offer. These documents can include qualification transcripts and certificates. Note that you’ll also be required to present your original documents on arrival at NTU, before you’re able to complete your enrolment.

If you have any questions about your offer, you can contact us at Ask NTU or call +44 (0)115 848 4200.

As we get closer to the start of term, you’ll be sent more details on how to enrol, and the exciting opportunities on offer at Welcome Week. Now’s also the time to start thinking about arranging your finances, and to consider where you’ll be living during your postgraduate studies – get more information on the range of University-allocated and private sector properties available to our postgraduate students.

January 2021 - Key start dates - Term One

Term One starts (12 weeks): Monday 18 January 2021

Term One ends: Thursday 01 April 2021

September 2020 - Key start dates - Term One

Welcome Week: Friday 25 September 2020

Term One starts (12 weeks): Monday 5 October 2020

Term One ends, start of Christmas holidays (four weeks): Friday 11 December 2020

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