Preparing for student life

Whether you’re moving away from home for the first time, or returning to study after working, coming to university is a brand new experience, and a big change. But you’ll find there’s so much going on here at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) to help make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

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Social media groups

Whether you're looking to find your flatmates, or you're looking to chat with people like you before you arrive, our social media groups are a great place to start.

We'd also recommend you take a look at The Student Room where our official Rep will be answering any questions you might have in the lead up to starting at NTU.

Start making friends

Settling in

"I was scared and nervous for a week and then everything fell into place. I love being independent now!"

Rachel, BA (Hons) Journalism

Starting at university is a huge step and it's natural to feel nervous about meeting new people or leaving home. For ideas about what to expect in your first few weeks and our advice in the lead-up to starting at NTU, read our guide.

Our Student Support Services Team will be on hand throughout Winter Welcome and beyond, to answer any questions you might have and support you every step of the way.

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Independent living

Lots of students tell us that one of the most rewarding aspects of being at university is the opportunity to live independently.

There may be all sorts of new challenges and opportunities. You can choose what to do and when (but make sure you turn up for lectures and seminars!). Taking charge of your own money, paying bills and doing your own cooking and washing up are important (if not always enjoyable!) lessons that will set you up for the rest of your life.

Quick, easy and healthy meal ideas

As a student, you’ll want to cook meals that are quick, easy, affordable and nutritious. Whether you’ve never cooked before or you’re a master chef, we've put together some simple recipes to get you started and inspire you.

If you haven't met someone [in your flat] yet, knock on their bedroom door and introduce yourself. Small talk such as ‘how was your journey, where are you from, what are you are studying’ is a good way to start a conversation. Trust me, you will get sick of these questions by the end of Welcome Week!

Ellen, BA (Hons) Business Management and Marketing
Lived at Sandby Hall in first year

Getting involved

With so much going on it isn’t hard to find something that you’re interested in – and of course this is also a great way to meet people who share your interests.

Students not living in Halls

If you’re from the local area, you may be familiar with Nottingham, but coming to university will still be a new experience for you. If you’re living at home while you study, make sure you still get involved in different activities, clubs and societies so that you feel part of university life.

There are events especially for local students during Winter Welcome and we have a specific Facebook group for students who are not living in Halls of Residence for you to meet other local students studying at NTU.

There's plenty more information on getting involved at NTU on our website.

Yoga class

Staying healthy at NTU

NTU is supporting the NHS campaign encouraging all new students going to university or college for the first time to protect themselves against meningitis.

Get the MenACWY vaccine from your GP before you arrive at NTU. Visit the NHS website to find out more about the vaccination. Identifying meningitis is not always easy. Early symptoms can be missed or mistaken for something else, including flu or hangovers. Head to the Meningitis Now website for a full list of signs and symptoms, and more information about meningitis.

Health, happiness and academic success are all linked. It’s a fact that if you’re feeling well, then you’re more likely to perform better as a student. Our Healthy NTU guide provides information and links on important health and wellbeing topics – and the services and support available to help you make the most of life at NTU. Visit our Healthy NTU web page to find out more.

Support right from the start

Our Student Support Services team are here to make sure that you’re enjoying your time at NTU and making the most of student life.

Every undergraduate student who joins NTU is matched with a CERT Student Mentor. Your CERT Student Mentor is a fellow student on your course in their second or final year. Their job is to help you to settle in and to answer any questions you may have about your course and life at NTU.

And, when you enrol at NTU, you’ll automatically become a member of our award-winning Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (NTSU).

Still need help?

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