What to bring to university

It’s time to start preparing for your arrival at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Make sure you've had a think about what to bring, to get you off to great start.

The practical things...

Bring your paperwork

Have copies of any letters from NTU, student finance and UCAS. Make sure you have your student finance login details, so that any problems can be sorted as soon as possible. You should also make sure you have at least one form of ID with you.

If you’re planning to find a part-time job during your studies, you’ll most likely need your passport or a copy of your UK birth certificate and an official document containing your National Insurance number as part of the application process.

Bring some money

It usually takes three to five working days for your loan to reach your bank account. It’s a good idea to bring some money with you to cover the first few days; how much you spend is up to you, but we recommend you bring at least £200. Part-time funding for living costs is paid later in the term, so part-time students should plan accordingly for this.

Make sure you’re insured

We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover your belongings in case they get broken or stolen. If you’re living in University accommodation, basic insurance cover will be included. If you’re in private accommodation, you’ll need to arrange your own cover.

The things for student life...

Sports kit, musical instruments and anything for your hobbies

There are plenty of sports teams at NTU, so make sure you bring your sports kit with you. NTU Sport also offer gym packages – visit the NTU Sport team at the City or Clifton Campus gym desks for more information, and to sign up for gym membership.

There's plenty of musical opportunities to get involved in too – visit our music website for more information.

Your first week is a great time to try something new or to get involved with clubs and societies of interest – so pack your Frisbees, knitting needles, netballs and instruments!

Kit out your new home

If you’re staying in NTU accommodation, you’ll need to bring bedding and bits and pieces for the kitchen, such as bowls, cutlery, pans, can openers etc. If you’re living somewhere else, check what’s provided. Make sure you bring things to make your room feel like home too.

We have partnered with UniKitOut who provide bespoke student packages from kitchen to bedding packs and all the extras you might need for your new home at discounted rates. You can even get your pack delivered to your new accommodation so it's waiting for you on your arrival.

Take a look at our essential items Pinterest board for more ideas about what to bring with you.

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The things for your studies...

Equipment for your course

Check what books and equipment you’ll need. This will be outlined in your course induction information. You can always get hold of things once you’re in Nottingham, but it’s a good idea to be prepared before you arrive.

IT needs 

Our current students’ section has information about the IT facilities at NTU – including how to download your free copy of Microsoft Office 365 for students.

Staying healthy at NTU

NTU is supporting the NHS campaign encouraging all new students going to university or college for the first time to protect themselves against meningitis.

Get the MenACWY vaccine from your GP before you arrive at NTU. Visit the NHS website to find out more about the vaccination. Identifying meningitis is not always easy. Early symptoms can be missed or mistaken for something else, including flu or hangovers. Head to the Meningitis Now website for a full list of signs and symptoms, and more information about meningitis.

Health, happiness and academic success are all linked. It’s a fact that if you’re feeling well, then you’re more likely to perform better as a student. Our Healthy NTU guide provides information and links on important health and wellbeing topics – and the services and support available to help you make the most of life at NTU. Visit our Healthy NTU web page to find out more.

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