Enrolment for international students

If you’re an international student, you’ll need to provide additional documentation when you enrol. Find out more about what you'll need to provide and information about the support available at NTU.

What is enrolment?

Enrolment is when you officially register as a student with us.

It's important to enrol for a number of reasons:

  • It officially confirms that you have arrived in the UK and are ready to start your studies
  • It allows you access to NOW, which holds your timetable and module information
  • You will have access to University buildings and your student email
  • It may make you eligible for council tax exemption (for full-time, fully-enrolled students only)

How to enrol

You’ll complete most of your enrolment online before you get here. It’s important that you aim to complete the online enrolment process before you arrive to ensure your first few days with us are as stress-free as possible!

The final stages of enrolment, where you collect your NTU student card, take place when you arrive on campus. Of course it’s best to do this as soon as you can after you arrive, but you need to ensure you've completed enrolment within 14 days of your course start date.

  • Step one - Find your NTU ID number and set your password

    Your NTU ID number

    You’ll find your NTU ID number at the top of the confirmation email you were sent. Your NTU ID will look something like this: N0123456.

    Your password

    Visit our enrolment page and click the 'get or reset password' link to retrieve your password. Use this password to log into online enrolment along with your NTU ID number.

  • Step two - Enrol online

    Once you have your password, use your NTU ID and this password to log in and complete your online enrolment.

  • Step three - Arrange to pay your fees

    You'll need to pay your tuition fees in full, or have an instalment arrangement to pay the rest of your fees in place before the start date of your course. Find information about payment methods for EU and international students.

  • Step four - Plan your journey to NTU

    You can travel by coach, train or taxi to Nottingham from UK airports. We also offer a free airport pick-up service from Heathrow that you can book on to. Check all of the information about travelling to Nottingham.

  • Step five: Collect your Biometric Residency Permit (AFTER YOU ARRIVE)

    You must collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within 10 days of arriving here. You cannot complete your enrolment at the University until you have provided evidence of your immigration status in the UK.

    Pick up your BRP from the place shown on your visa decision letter. This will either be the University City Campus or a Post Office in Nottingham.

  • Step six: Collect your NTU student card (AFTER YOU ARRIVE)

    You can collect your student card at any campus. You will need to go to the following locations to complete your enrolment:

    You must take the following documents with you when you enrol. You'll get your documents back immediately.

    • Your current passport or travel document
    • Your Biometric Residency Permit (BRP)
    • Proof of your immigration permission to study at NTU (for example, your Tier 4 visa with NTU sponsor licence number)
    • If you do not have these documents because you are still in the process of applying for your visa you must provide evidence of your visa application. This can be done using your biometric letter or visa application checklist.

    Your NTU student card is your:

    • University building and library access card
    • student identity card and Students’ Union (SU) membership
    • membership card for any NTU Sports and Fitness facilities you join
    • cheaper travel card on Nottingham City buses (for an extra fee)
    • cash card for NTU cafes and print shop.

Nottingham Trent International support

International Student Support Services

Make sure you make some time when you arrive to meet our International Student Support Services team - we're looking forward to welcoming you to the University.

We can help with any questions you may have about visas, enrolment and living in the UK.

Here's a useful checklist of what to do when you arrive.

Welcome to NTU!

Once you’ve enrolled with us, you can find out about all of the Winter Welcome activities - there are lots of exciting things to do and it is a great opportunity to meet new friends. See what you can do during Winter Welcome.

Watch our video to see what awaits you in Nottingham. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Welcome to Nottingham
Find your home from home in our truly international city.

Still need help?

International Student Support Services
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