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The National Student Survey results are in...

We’re committed to providing a student-focused learning experience at NTU. Over 4,500 of our final-year students chose to respond to the 2018 National Student Survey (NSS), proving once again that NTU is one of the UK’s most inclusive universities – a place where students’ words count, and their opinions matter.

NSS 2018 88 percent satisfaction

88% student satisfaction

Our student satisfaction rate is 88% – something we’re really proud of. We work hard to make sure you’re happy, healthy, and properly supported here at NTU.

NSS 2018 7 year increase

7 year-on-year increase

Relative to other universities, NTU’s position for student satisfaction has been rising for the last seven years.

93% recommendation

93% recommendation

Because of our excellent student satisfaction rates, 93% of our recent graduates would recommend studying at NTU.

NSS 2018 top 5 for assessment

Top five for assessment and feedback

With NTU in England’s top five mainstream universities for assessment and feedback, we make sure that the work you submit gets the time, attention and expert analysis it deserves.

NSS 2018 top 5

Top five position

From student satisfaction to the quality of our academic support, the 2017 results place NTU in the UK’s top 10 mainstream universities.

NSS 2018 4th highest

4th highest score in England

Our student satisfaction score in this year’s NSS is the fourth highest amongst mainstream universities in England!

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