How much does travelling around Nottingham cost?

Getting from A to B while at university might not be something you’ve given much thought to, but it may be something you’ll need to factor into your student budget.

The amount you’ll need to spend will depend on where you’re based, of course. If you’re studying and living on one of our campuses, your travel costs will be minimal. But if you’re living off campus, travel might be a cost you do have to consider.

The great thing about Nottingham is that it has an excellent bus and tram network with a range of travel deals and discounts for students. And if you want to be really thrifty, we have an excellent bike hire scheme, too.

So, what's available to help you out?

Travelling by bus

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) runs a great bus service, with regular buses running directly between our campuses.

Journeys cost £2 each way or £3.70 for an all-day ticket between the city centre and our Clifton Campus. Travel between our Brackenhurst Campus and the city centre costs £4.15, or £6.00 for a return.

If you’re going to be catching the bus regularly, you can activate your NTU Smartcard to use as a student bus pass. You can do this either on campus or at NCT’s travel centre. Once this is done, you can use your card for cheaper travel on all of NCT’s buses around Nottingham.

Academic year passes are available for £219 (£4.47 per week), or you can get a calendar year pass for £229 (£4.40 per week).

Visit NCT's Uni Students page to find out more, including full information about prices, routes, and night buses.

Travelling by tram

Our City Campus has its own tram stop, and discounts are available for students. Tickets are usually £2.20 for a single trip, but you can use your Smartcard as a student travel pass to get discounted travel.

Academic term passes are available from £89, or you can get an academic year pass for £229.

If you just use the tram occasionally, a better option might be to get a student MANGO card – a rechargeable card that you top up with credit and then use by touching on and off each time you catch the tram. Also see information below on the Robin Hood Card which works in a similar way.

Find out more on Nottingham Express Transit’s Student page.

The Robin Hood Card - best of both

A final public transport option is this useful pay-as-you-go smartcard. What’s great about it is that it lets you travel with a discounted fare on either the bus or tram as and when you need to. Just pre-load the card with money, and off you go!

Find out more on the Robin Hood Pay As You Go Travel website.

Travelling by bike

The cheapest (not to mention healthiest) way to get around is, of course, by bike.

No bike? No worries. Hire a bike from the Ucycle bike hire scheme and you’ll be pedalling around Campus in no time.

It only costs £35 a year (or £20 a term) plus a £60 refundable deposit to hire a bike. And this includes lights, a D-lock, access to secure cycle storage, and free maintenance training and advice.

Our Ucycle website has more information, including FAQs.

NTU residence travel passes

Some of our residences, such as The Maltings and Meridian Court, include a free travel deal with your residence fees. Check our accommodation pages to see which residences this applies to.

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How much does travelling around Nottingham cost?

Published on 10 October 2017

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