Alcohol and drugs

The areas of drug and alcohol use is full of myth and misinformation. We’ve gathered together a range of reliable information and support services so you can get to know the facts.


It’s good to know the number of units of alcohol you are drinking. The nationally recommended advice is that men and women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week. That’s equivalent to:

  • 6 pints of average strength beer, or
  • 10 small glasses of low strength wine.

It’s easy to get into buying rounds of drinks or feel pressured to drink. We all have different tolerances to alcohol and we never want a good night to turn bad. So, know your units and stick to your own levels.

You can download a free app from Drink Aware to track your alcohol consumption, calculate units and set your own goals to moderate your drinking. You can also try the free Alcohol Change unit tracker.

If you need advice or support for your drinking, contact the Nottingham Recovery Network.


FRANK and Nottingham Recovery Network

Drugs can have short and long term effects on you, your friends, and on your family. The best advice is not to take drugs. However, if you do please ensure you are aware of what you are taking and the risks.

Talk to FRANK: find out more about drugs and their effects, including legal highs.

If you are worried about a friend you can call Talk to FRANK on 0300 123 6600 anytime for confidential advice.

Nottingham Recovery Network: Get the free support, advice and treatment that’s right for you across Nottingham city.

  • Last updated: 05/12/2022