Find advice, guidance and resources for health protection, sexual health, alcohol and drugs and emotional health and wellbeing through our HealthyNTU programme.

Health protection
Here at NTU we encourage our students to be fully vaccinated before they arrive at university, to keep you and others safe. Have a look at what vaccinations we advise you to have.
Sexual health advice and support services
Look through our Sexual Health and Guidance (S.H.A.G) resources to find out how to protect your sexual health and access contraception.
Alcohol and drugs
The areas of drug and alcohol use is full of myth and misinformation. We’ve gathered together a range of reliable information and support services so you can get to know the facts.
Eating well and keeping active
Check out our handy hints and tips on exercise, food and how to get a good night’s sleep.
Eating disorders
Eating disorders can affect anyone of any age, gender, or background. Find out more here about how to get help for yourself or a friend.
Emotional health and wellbeing
Student life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Find some useful tips and resoures that can give you the knowledge and skills you need to help you manage your feelings.
Join our community
Discover the podcast, blogs and plenty of wellbeing activities that we run across the University throughout the year.
NTU's health promotion programme
Find further details on our HealthyNTU programme, including events and resources on our HealthyNTU Sharepoint.
  • Last updated: 05/12/2022