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Faith and Chaplaincy

NTU Faith and Chaplaincy work hand in hand to support students, staff and the local community to engage, explore and reflect.

As advocates and believers, NTU Faith and Chaplaincy are committed to sharing experiences and celebrating culture, while always respecting the views and values of all people.

NTU Faith and Chaplaincy provide activities and initiatives that are open to people of all faiths and those without a faith at all. From religious advice to finding a place to worship, discovering cultural experiences to periods of reflection, everyone is welcome to engage with NTU Faith and Chaplaincy.

NTU Faith

Celebrating the vast diversity of the NTU community and of our city, NTU Faith advocates faith and celebrates different beliefs within Nottingham. Plus, NTU Faith offer an exciting calendar of events, opportunities, activities and ambassador roles.


Providing support, guidance and advice, our multi-faith Chaplaincy team is here for people of all beliefs, whenever needed. From pastoral care to helping with faith-specific issues, there are a range of ways in which you can access the support of the Chaplaincy team at NTU.

Faith in the community

Recognising the diversity of our colleagues and our city, we promote a culture of understanding – engaging with local religious leaders and building knowledgeable communities.

Celebrating Faith at NTU

From Easter to Holocaust Memorial Day, we are proud to celebrate and raise the profile of faiths across the NTU community. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all of the latest events, opportunities and celebrations across the NTU Faith community.

Places of worship

Representing multiple faiths, we have facilities for prayer and other activities across our campuses and within our city.

Keep up-to-date with latest news, events and religious celebrations taking place across the NTU Faith community by following us on Instagram.