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Student Life

Explore student life, take a look around our accommodation and discover what makes Nottingham a top student city.

Your NTU Experience

We’re more than just a university – we’re a place of opportunities and home to a supportive community that will help you thrive in your ambitions. This is your future – your NTU.


Discover student life at NTU and the endless possibilities awaiting you here.


Explore your accommodation options and find your new home from home.

Our city and campuses

Life in Nottingham

A melting pot for the old and the new. A student city that blends the grand with the cosy. A place to live, and not just study. Welcome to Notts.

Get involved

Students’ Union

With its exciting entertainment, social, sports and leisure spaces, NTSU is run by students, for students. It’s the heart of student life!

Join a society

With over 120 societies to tempt you with, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding what to get involved with here at NTU!


With over 60 sports clubs, sport scholarships, two gyms and a range of fitness classes on campus and online, there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re an expert or a complete beginner.

Curated and Created

Curated & Created is here to help students, staff and the local community get enjoyment, inspiration and intellectual stimulation from all of our exciting cultural and creative activities.


At NTU, we give you the chance to learn music, to perform music, and to love music. But what makes it special comes from you.

Get into volunteering

Volunteering is a great way of not only helping the local community, but also helping yourself. In the current job market standing out from the crowd is essential, and volunteering could give you that vital competitive edge.


We are proud of our world-class campuses complete with green spaces, sustainable buildings and transport infrastructure. The Sustainable Development Team and Green Academy work in partnership with other departments to continue to embed sustainability into everyday life at NTU.

Faith and Chaplaincy

NTU Faith and Chaplaincy is committed to supporting the faith, spirituality and wellbeing of all students and staff here at NTU.


Read about the types of support you will be entitled to as an NTU student.