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Do you have a passion aside from your chosen course? Are you looking for a new one? Whatever your interests may be, there will be a society of likeminded students waiting to welcome you.

What is a society?


A taste of the variety of societies to join at NTU.

Nottingham Trent Students' Union (NTSU) societies are groups of students that share common interests, who regularly meet up for a variety of inclusive events and activities. From fashion to faith, conservation to cocktail drinking, they're a great way to meet like-minded people, socialise and share new experiences.

Getting involved couldn’t be easier – once you've enrolled as a student at NTU and received automatic membership to the NTSU, you can simply sign up to a society online or at our Fresher's Fair event. From then, you’ll receive email updates and invites to get-togethers.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even start a new society, or set up an NTSU Community for a one-off event or short-term project.

By getting involved you'll develop skills in leadership, teamwork, communication, and organising events, as well as networking beyond your course, which all looks great on your CV.

Find your crowd

Browse our list of over 100 societies on the NTSU website to find out more, or you can chat with current members of our societies at Fresher's Fair during Welcome Week.

Studying in the labs

Academic and vocational societies

Why not learn more about your specialism and engage with coursemates and fellow students that share your passion for your subject? Join a society that will supplement your studies and your career, such as Accounting and Finance, Women in STEM, and Psychology.

Not every course has a dedicated society, but you can always start your own!

View all academic and vocational societies

student in esports lab

Common interest societies

From DnD to drinking daiquiris - if you have a hobby, it'll likely be in this list. Common interest societies are the perfect place for making friends who'll partake in your favourite hobbies, or to learn about something you've always wanted to try.

View all common interest societies

Two students stood at a stand displaying elements of Pakistani culture, with the flag of Pakistan behind them.

Culture and faith societies

Our inclusive faith and culture societies are the perfect way to embrace the cultures and religious beliefs of our global community. These societies provide celebrations of home, belief, and belonging, and offer the chance to learn more about different countries. If you're an international student, they can also ease the transition to living in the UK.

View all culture and faith societies

Two female students setting up a video camera on a tripod on a Nottingham street.

Media and creative societies

Whether you're interested in working on our award-winning TV station TrentTV, our award-winning student magazine Platform, or our award-winning (you get the picture!) student radio station Fly Live, you're not only having a great time creating content, but you're also polishing that CV experience.

Take part in skill swaps, workshops, socials, and even trips with your fellow makers, performers, and creators by joining our creative societies.

View all media and creative societies

Protester holding no planet B sign

Political campaigns and cause societies

There's a lot of division in the world at the moment. If you feel strongly about a particular cause such as feminism or sustainability, and want to do something about it, join one of these societies and organise events with other students who feel the same way.

View all political campaigns and cause societies

I highly recommend joining a society as it will enable you to expand your field of friends and experiences. NTU provides so many options for you to get involved and I have appreciated how accessible it has been for me.

Amy McGrath, BA (Hons) English

Give it a go

Over a hundred societies is a lot to choose from - you can't possibly sign up to them all! You probably feel like an indecisive kid in a sweet shop right now, but don't worry. There are a few things that can help you decide.

At Fresher's Fair, you'll be able to browse the stands and chat to current society members about what they get up to and how often they meet up. You may even find yourself signing up to some you weren't expecting to!

The NTSU also offers regular Give it a Go events throughout the year, which are one-off society taster sessions to give you a feel for the activities and communities and see if they're right for you.