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We bring brilliant minds together to crack complex issues

Problems aren't one-dimensional. By collaborating we can find the answers

The big challenges that our world faces are complex. We are working to solve them by sharing our ideas, expertise and technology across the University and with our partners.

From tackling cancer, to making our cities greener, to creating smart textiles that improve and save lives; we’re making major breakthroughs across our five key themes. And, through our thriving research culture, we’re also creating the innovators of the future who will continue to have an impact on world problems.

How NTU is reported across the globe

test tubes

New blood test can confirm presence of prostate cancer, removing need for painful biopsies

Scientists and clinicians have developed a simple blood test which can confirm the presence or absence of prostate cancer and remove the need for unnecessary invasive and painful biopsies.

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unhappy girl

A third of smartphone notifications making us unhappy, research suggests

A third of notifications popping up on people’s smart phones cause short-term negative emotions, a new study suggests.

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jacket with charging cable

Charge your phone with your clothes

NTU has developed a way to embed tiny solar cells – the size of a flea - into yarn that can be knitted and woven into textiles, so you can charge your phone while on the move.

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Making a local change, regional difference and national impact

We share our expertise with businesses.

They create opportunities for our students. Everybody wins

Through our resources, talent and expertise, we help bring businesses to life. We show companies - big and small - how to innovate and grow, adding vital economic, cultural  and social value on a local and national scale.

By sustaining the regional economy, we are creating local opportunities for student employment and boosting graduate retention in the region. We also work with businesses to design industry focused courses, and create new routes to learning that widen participation.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Sustaining an inclusive learning and working environment that's enriched by diversity, values differences and promotes fairness, respect and equality of opportunity.

Discover how we're working strategically to advance equality, diversity and inclusion, and to support a culture of engagement underpinned by respect.

We're importing industry expertise and exporting industry-ready graduates

How do we achieve high employability statistics? We make sure our students don't feel like a number

From before they set foot in our University right through to the moment they become an NTU graduate and start their first job, we're making sure nothing holds students back from achieving remarkable things.

We start from the beginning with our outreach into local schools, encouraging 30,000 pupils each year to dream big and achieve academic success. Within our own walls, we help our students stay motivated and on track using our student dashboard. We also provide gold-standard teaching, and through our links with industries we create opportunities for volunteering, studying abroad, and work experience with every course.

We're proud of what we've done so far. But we're prouder of what our students go on to do

We've already achieved so much this year.
But we're only getting started

Our achievements show that we can deliver. But none of this happens by chance.

Everything we do is carefully planned - from outreach to schools, through support to specific student groups, to employers, we know what works.