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NTU and the community

Our mission is to make meaningful contributions to the community by sharing knowledge, creating partnerships and developing opportunities, locally, nationally and internationally.

We work hand in hand with community groups, schools and charities, in a shared effort to deliver meaningful change. Since our infancy in 1843, we have continued to play a significant role in shaping Nottingham’s physical development and cultural growth.

Today, NTU is one of the city’s largest employers, and every year our students make an invaluable contribution to society and the economy through thousands of hours of volunteering, placements and part-time work.

As a social and academic landmark in the city, we encourage our staff and students to take pride in where they live, protect their neighbours, and recognise their responsibilities as the leaders of tomorrow.

We have invested over half a billion pounds in our facilities, equipment, and learning resources, providing thousands of local people with access to work, training and continuing professional development opportunities. These opportunities are helping to transform Nottingham by creating new ways for people to develop, upskill and grow.

The Centre for Student and Community Engagement (CenSCE)

Dedicated to widening participation and improving social mobility, the Centre for Student and Community Engagement (CenSCE) plays an instrumental role in the development and empowerment of people across the region. With a national reputation for innovation and quality, CenSCE works closely with schools, young people and community groups across Nottingham and the East Midlands.

Universities for Nottingham

Universities for Nottingham is a unique collaboration between NTU and the University of Nottingham. By combining the strengths and values of both universities, the partnership is reinventing how universities and local partners can work together to make a real and lasting positive impact.

Nottingham Civic Exchange

Designed to maximise the practical impact of research and policy, Nottingham Civic Exchange utilises the skills and expertise of NTU researchers to meet the needs of people and businesses in the city. The initiative concentrates on social and economic issues and works to facilitate two-way conversation and the development of practical projects.