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Our team of chaplains provide spiritual and pastoral support to individuals of any faith as well as individuals without any religious beliefs.

Together with NTU Faith, our chaplains provide a welcoming face and a listening ear. They can provide moments of support and advice with any challenges you may be facing, and can offer opportunities for moments of prayer, meditation and reflection.

Pastoral Support

Walking alongside you at times of difficulty and worry, our chaplains are available to support anyone with a situation that may be troubling them, such as:

  • a decision you've made or need to make
  • general worries and anxiety
  • homesickness
  • loneliness
  • a relationship breakup
  • bereavement

Our chaplains are there for NTU students and staff whenever needed. There are no time constraints or commitments needed to engage with this service.

Please contact us to begin a conversation with our chaplaincy team.

Meet our chaplains

Our team of chaplains represent Jewish, Muslim, Catholic and Methodist faiths and are led by our Co-ordinating Chaplain, Reverend Dr Richard Davey, who is a Christian Anglican priest.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our chaplains or arrange a meeting.

Contact Us

For further information on our chaplains and to learn more about our services, please contact Richard Davey, Co-ordinating Chaplain at NTU.