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NTU Faith

NTU Faith is committed to championing and celebrating the cultural diversity of our students, colleagues and our community.

We work with multi-faith and religious advisors to provide space, support and opportunities for people to explore and practice faith. We offer prayer space across our campuses as well as organise and signpost to religious services and worship events across the year.

people sitting in a circle having a discussion in church

As advocates of faith and belief in society, our goal is to raise the profile of faith both within NTU and across Nottingham. We work to engage our students, staff and communities in conversations and in the celebration of religion, whilst creating a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to explore their beliefs and ask questions without fear of judgement, disrespect or misunderstanding.

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To learn more about NTU Faith and to get answers to your questions, please contact Clive Foster, Multi-Faith Manager here at NTU.