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Faith Ambassadors

Our Faith Ambassadors project is about real faith, real stories, and real students. It aims to promote the positive values of faith – both at University and beyond – with voices from across our whole student community. We’re building an interfaith dialogue through events and visits, and establishing a genuine sense of community and tolerance.

Our team of 15 ambassadors come from all over the world – they’re a mixture of different faiths, but that’s not a prerequisite for joining up. Some members of our team have no faith, but still enjoy being a part of the conversation – and they contribute significantly to it. Bringing people together is a big part of our commitment to developing an informed and truly representative dialogue: through our work, we introduce people to new ideas, new spiritual concepts, and new ways of looking at life.

Our work in the community

Preparing food at the Muslim and Jewish community café, Salaam Shalom

Salaam Shalom community café

We volunteered at the award-winning Salaam Shalom – a kitchen run by Muslim and Jewish volunteers, which was set up to provide free hot meals to the community. Our Faith Ambassadors prepared and cooked the food, served dinners, and talked with attendees throughout the evening. We’re not just committed to giving back to our community – we want to help build it further. And this was an opportunity to do just that; a great example of the kind of work you’ll be involved in as a Faith Ambassador.

The diners were certainly happy to see us getting involved. One of them told us:“I think it’s really good that we have something like this. It’s a multi-faith project – you really can see that everyone just gets along, whatever their religion.”

interior shot of church looking towards a door with large stained glass windows above it

St Mary’s Church

Our visit to this iconic church was another great opportunity to bring students of all faiths – and none – together. Together, we visit places of worship across the city; bringing together the physical, spiritual and mystical dimensions of faith, and enables our Ambassadors to gain a greater insight into the Faith tradition.

It’s really wonderful to see NTU Faith Ambassadors who are keen to work across different groups and religions, and to really overcome our prejudices and discriminations; then we will realise how wonderful humanity is.

Dr Musharraf Hussain (OBE) Faith Leader, Karimia Institute

We want you - so get involved!

The project is a great way of helping others, giving something back to the community and building your CV – so contact Robina Din at to get involved.