Meet our wellbeing teams

Here at NTU, we understand that university can present many challenges, however our fantastic support team are here to support you.

Student Support Advisers

Sometimes your personal circumstances can make attending university or meeting deadlines challenging. Student Support Advisers can help, they are based in academic schools and work closely with students, academic and support staff.

After understanding your circumstances and the impact on studies the adviser will offer information or signposting in more straightforward situations. Where the circumstances are more complicated or a number of issues need to be addressed at the same time, the advisers can help you to make a plan of action and keep in touch to provide ongoing support.

They can also put you in touch with other relevant teams if you need to take time out or are thinking of leaving NTU.

Student Support Advisers also provide bespoke support to students who would benefit from specific advice and information, including:

  • care leavers and care experienced students
  • students who are estranged from their families
  • students who identify as transgender
  • pregnant students or those in early parenthood
  • student carers
  • mature students
  • students who are survivors of sexual violence.

Tell us more about your situation or give someone your consent to tell us more on our referral form.

The Mental Health Support Team

The Mental Health Support Team offer support to students who:

  • have a diagnosed mental health difficulty, or
  • are in mental health crisis.

The counselling service

Counselling can help with a range of mental health and emotional issues. These include stress, anxiety and depression. It can offer a safe place to talk about any personal, emotional or psychological issues that you want to address.

We normally offer up to four counselling appointments. These can be in person, or by phone or video. We also offer the option of counselling by email for those who prefer not to work in 'real time'. Some people find it easier to email about personal issues than talk about them directly. Issues discussed in sessions are confidential.

Read our counselling service confidentiality statement.

If you want to find out if counselling is right for you, fill in our wellbeing referral form.

Pastoral support

Our team of chaplains provide spiritual and pastoral support to individuals of any faith as well as individuals without any religious beliefs.

We offer support to anyone with a situation that might be worrying them, such as:

  • a decision you’ve made or need to make
  • general worries or anxiety
  • homesickness
  • loneliness
  • a relationship breakup
  • bereavement

Together with NTU Faith, our chaplains provide a welcoming face and a listening ear. They can provide moments of support and advice with any challenges you may be facing, and can offer opportunities for moments of prayer, meditation and reflection.

We can help you as, when and how you want. There are no time limits. We are there when and if you need us. You can get in touch directly by emailing our pastoral team.

  • Last updated: 19/12/2022