Sexual violence support

Find out what sexual violence support is available from our student support team and get help and advice from external organisations.

NTU does not tolerate any forms of sexual violence. All students deserve the opportunity to study, learn, and live in an environment free of all forms of sexual abuse. If you, or someone you know, has experienced any form of sexual violence, now or in the past, we have dedicated trained Sexual Violence Liaison Officers who will offer support at your pace.

We define sexual violence as any sexual act occurring without the consent of all parties, including but not limited to: sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment and stalking.

Internal support services

Student Support Services Sexual Violence Support

We have a team of trained Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLOs) that offer support to students who have experienced any form of sexual violence.

Our support is confidential, respectful, and non-judgemental. You do not need to disclose anything to the team that you are not comfortable doing so. We will respect your wishes and needs.

Our support for you consists of:

  • Offering you a single point of contact within the University to support you on what you may need
  • Sharing information about specialist support within the university and in the community
  • Sharing information about what reporting to the police or the university can look like
  • Working with your course team in cases where there are impacts on your studies or where you may need adjustments or need time out
  • Advising about the Notification of Extenuating Circumstances process
  • Offering a point of contact during the period of any police investigation

To access sexual violence support, please ‘Report with contact details’ through Report + Support.

NTSU Information and Advice Service

Information & Advice Service (IAS) provides an independent, free and confidential advice, information and representation service to all students at Nottingham Trent University. They are an AQS accredited advice service provider.

Visit the NTSU website for more information.

Survivors Support Network (SSN)

The Survivors Support Network is a student group, created and run by NTU students. The network founder writes: ‘We are a safe space for self-identifying women who have experienced sexual violence or violence of any kind at NTU. We aim to create a supportive and uplifting environment to empower our community, in a space you know you can be heard and understood in.’

You can learn more about the SSN on the NTSU webpage or on their Instagram page.

External support services

Your Journey - a survivor's guide to support and reporting in Nottingham

NTU is proud to be a member of The Nottingham Consent Coalition, working within the community to prevent and respond to sexual violence. We have worked with other local services to create an exhaustive guide that details what external support can look like in Nottingham and what reporting to the police may look like.

For more information, view the Consent Coalition booklet and take a look at the Consent Coalition’s campaigns.

Nottingham Sexual Violence Support Services (Notts SVSS)

Notts SVS Services offer a range of specialist sexual violence support. This includes a variety of counselling options, Independent Sexual Violence Advisors, a specialist sexual violence helpline and a variety of other therapeutic support.

The Topaz Centre, Nottinghamshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre

The Topaz Centre is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) that offers free professional and confidential support and practical help to anyone in Nottinghamshire who has experienced sexual violence and/or sexual abuse. The Topaz Centre has trained specialist workers, who will guide you through an assessment of your needs and the options available for you.

East Midlands Children and Young People's Sexual Assault Service (EMCYPSAS)

The Sexual Assault Referral Centre for anyone who is 17 years or younger. Visit the EMCYPSAS website or contact them via phone 0800 183 0023.

NTSU Respect and Consent

We work closely with Nottingham Trent Students’ Union on campaigns and support for students. To learn more about how NTSU is working to support students, visit their dedicated sexual violence and consent pages.

National sexual violence helpline

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone: 0808 2000 247

If you are unsure of local services in your area, please email student support services and we can advise.

Campaigns and workshops

Consent is Everything: Consent Workshops

In partnership with NTSU, Student Support Services delivers 90-minute consent workshops to first-year undergraduate students joining our NTU Community. These workshops were requested by students and have been developed and delivered in partnership with current and former NTU students. We also deliver workshop to various student groups throughout the year, such as Fresher’s Team, society committee members, and sports clubs. If you are part of a group and would like a consent workshop organised, please get in touch.

To learn more about the programme, including content and how to get involved, visit our website.

Bystander Intervention Workshops: how to intervene in harm

Complementing our consent workshop, NTSU and Student Support deliver 2-hour Bystander Intervention workshops that cover how to safely intervene in situations of harm such as potential sexual violence, microaggressions, and hate crime. The workshop builds skills and confidence around various ways to approach a situation. To learn more about the workshops and request one for your student group, please email us.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence from Students

We offer NTU colleagues two distinct workshops on how to appropriately and respectfully respond to disclosures of sexual violence from students.

These workshops cover an overview of sexual violence and its impact on students, the barriers to disclosing and reporting, signposting to appropriate services, and responding sensitively to students.

  • Tier One: A 20-minute online workshop, found on our Thrive at NTU platform in the essential learning category. This training is essential for all NTU colleagues.
  • Tier Two: A 60-minute workshop delivered on MS Teams by our Sexual Violence Liaison Officers. This training is recommended for all student-facing colleagues.
  • Last updated: 29/09/2022