Consent is everything: mandatory workshops

Our NTU community is built on trust, respect, and a sense of doing the right thing. In 2020 we explored what we could do to improve the culture at NTU. Our students recommended we offer consent workshops for all new students, so we did.

In September 2021, we delivered 305 workshops to over 6,000 first year students. Beginning October 2022, every first-year undergraduate student will again have a consent workshop. We'll schedule it into your timetable in either Term One or Term Two.

We're proud to partner with NTSU to deliver these workshops. Find out more about NTSU’s involvement in the programme.

Become a consent workshop facilitator
Find out what we're looking for from a consent workshop facilitator, the requirements of a facilitator and details on how to apply.
Learn more about the workshops
Find out why the workshops are being delivered, what they mean, what content to expect and who they are for.
Attending your workshop
Find out when your consent workshop is, what to do if you can't attend, and the impacts of not attending.
Consent is everything
  • Last updated: 05/12/2022