Understanding Racism

Understanding Racism is a self-study syllabus offered to all 30,000+ students at NTU. The programme aims to help create an anti-racism learning community as part of NTU's Race Action Plan.

About the syllabus

The Understanding Racism online learning increases awareness and knowledge of:

  • what racism is
  • the history of racism
  • ways of challenging discrimination, prejudice and bias in everyday life.

This learning syllabus looks beyond individual instances of racism. It considers racism as a social construction. It looks at how we can work together to change the narrative.

The syllabus invites you to learn more about racism through:

  • e-readings
  • documentaries
  • historical biographies
  • interviews
  • online museum exhibitions
  • and more.

You can completely the online learning at your own pace. You can do so individually, or in dialogue groups with your peers. Engaging in discussion can enhance your learning about long-standing structures of racism.

This online learning encourages you to reflect on:

  • the materials within the syllabus
  • how those materials have impacted your growing understanding of racism.

Learning about racism can be challenging and confronting. It supports your growth as a human being. It may take time for these concepts and ideas to come together in your understanding.

Start the online learning

Got a question or need assistance with the syllabus? contact us at equality@ntu.ac.uk

  • Last updated: 05/12/2022