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What are the Consent is Everything workshops?

The Consent is Everything workshops are a collaborative consent education programme. NTSU and NTU Student Support Services have worked together to develop them. The workshop is a 90 minute interactive face-to-face workshop. It's co-delivered by a trained colleague and student. The workshop provides:

  • an exploration of giving and receiving consent
  • an understanding of consent in scenarios
  • myth busting
  • supporting a friend
  • signposting to support agencies.

Why we're delivering the consent workshops to students

In 2017, the National Union of Students (NUS) recommended universities and student’s unions deliver consent workshops. These would:

Educate students about consent in order to help create educational and social environments which are happier, safer and more inclusive."

You asked, we delivered

Shortly after, students from NTSU’s feminist society approached NTSU. They asked for consent workshops for students. NTSU and NTU Student Support Services drafted what such a workshop could look like. They piloted the workshop with selected student groups. It became clear that there was a demand from our students for us to offer these workshops to all students.

Most recently, there has been a flurry of attention in the media. This has reflected how most UK students want consent training for all students. NTU Students are no different, with one workshop participant stating:

[This] should be made cumpolsory to all students."

Breaking records

Finally, in 2019, one student submitted a 'Big Idea' on NTSU's platform. They asked for compulsory consent training. Their submission broke the record for the number of 'likes' that NTSU had seen that year.

You've asked, and we've listened. Consent workshops support:

  • our NTU values, and
  • the community we want to create — a safe, respectful, and enjoyable place to study, teach, and grow.

How the content for the workshop is created

NTU and NTSU colleagues and officers developed the content with NTU students. We built the content on two evidence-based programmes:

  • NTU's I Heart Consent campaign
  • the University of Michigan’s Relationship Remix programme.

We regularly update the content in response to:

  • the pilot evaluation survey, and
  • feedback from our student facilitators.

The content is backed by behaviour-change theory. We developed it be empowering and educational. We designed it to encourage students to make decisions that are best for them. We've now delivered the workshop to over 12,000 NTU students. 84% of the participants we evaluated said they'd recommend this workshop to others.

What to expect from the workshop

The workshop is co-facilitated by an NTU student, alumni, and either an NTSU or a NTU colleague. The workshop takes 90 minutes. It's interactive in nature, relying on student participation. The majority of students we evaluated found the interactive parts the most enjoyable and educational.

The workshop begins by discussing consent broadly. It then focuses on sexual consent, including:

  • how to define sexual consent
  • how to recognise consent in scenarios
  • how students can make sure they are giving or receiving consent when necessary.

The workshop then transitions into myth busting around sexual violence. It covers how these myths can be harmful for survivors, discouraging them from coming forward and getting support.

The workshop finishes with:

  • how students can support a friend who has disclosed something harmful, and
  • what support is available at NTU, the NTSU and within Nottinghamshire.

Who the workshops are for

If you're an incoming first year undergraduate student, your timetable has a workshop scheduled in. We may also offer you a workshop if you're part of student leader group. Examples would include the Fresher's Team or Society Committee Chairs.

NTU and NTSU have zero tolerance for any and all forms of sexual violence. This workshop is being delivered after multiple requests from our students. They believe learning about consent can contribute to a healthier and safer experience for all while at university. We've deemed consent programming essential to ensure:

  • you have a safe, enjoyable, and healthy university experience, and
  • you know where you can get support if you or someone you know needs it.

You should attend your scheduled workshop when you're timetabled to do so.

Are the workshops effective and enjoyed by students?

In 2022/2023, we delivered 275 workshops to over 6,000 NTU Students. Evaluation data highlights the initial success of the programme. Students overwhelmingly recommend the workshop to their peers. The vast majority of students gain confidence and skills in giving and receiving consent. Results of the participant survey are detailed below.

  • 84% are more aware of situations that require consent.
  • 86% are more aware of sexual assault myths present in society.
  • 85% are more confident in giving consent in situations that require it.
  • 88% are more confident in receiving consent in situations that require it.
  • 94% know how to signpost another student if they are sexually assaulted or raped.
  • 84% would recommend the workshop to other students.
  • Last updated: 11/07/2023