Support for students with caring responsibilities

Managing caring responsibilities with studies can sometimes be challenging, we can provide information and resources to help you plan your time and get the support you need.

Planning your time

Contact your personal tutor or academic school if you have concerns about managing your timetable and other commitments, including:

  • childcare
  • home care
  • medical or personal support assistance.

Our student support advisers can help you contact your school and offer further advice.

Tell us about the situation using our short support request form.

Supporting your studies

If you find external responsibilities are impacting on your studies, including problems at home and caring responsibilities, it is important to let your academic school know.

You can use the Notification of Extenuating Circumstances policy and process to inform the University that your academic performance has been affected by circumstances beyond your control.

A student support adviser is linked to each academic school and can offer practical support and advice on a range of study and personal difficulties.

Please request support using the support request form.

Your health and wellbeing

Our wellbeing service is here to help tackle whatever issues you might encounter.

You can access advice and guidance and have a safe space to talk about personal, emotional and psychological issues.

Find out more information about our wellbeing services.

Financial support and funding

Some students with caring responsibilities may be eligible to alternative or additional funding. Our student financial team can offer advice on budgeting and managing your money.

Find out more about money and funding.

External resources

External sources of information and support for student parents and student carers

Local support

  • Last updated: 01/10/2021