Support for students who are estranged from their families

At NTU, we appreciate that it can be a daunting time coming to the University without the support of a family network. If you are an estranged student, we can offer you targeted support to help you succeed during your time at University.

Support for estranged students

The term ‘estranged student’ in higher education is used to describe young people (under 25) who are studying without the support of their family and have no contact with their biological or adoptive parents / legal guardians and sometimes with their wider family.

To help us to identify you as an estranged student, we rely on you providing us with this information.  You can do this by completing this short online form. Our Student Support Adviser Team will then be able to make contact with you to let you know about the support we can offer you.  You can do this at any time from application or when you are on your course.  If you have any questions about estrangement, please feel free to contact our Student Support Adviser Team.

Practical and wellbeing support

Our Student Support Advisers (SSAs) have knowledge and experience of supporting students who are estranged from their families. Our team's support focuses on limiting any impact that student's estrangement might have:

  • on their university experience
  • on the outcome of their studies.

Any student, or a third party acting with the student's consent, can ask for help using our support request form.

Arranging accommodation

Our SSAs can help you to arrange accommodation in our halls of residence over the summer. If you'd like this support, complete our short support request form.

You can also choose to return to halls in your second and final years. Find out more about NTU accommodation.

Financial support and advice

You may be eligible to receive the NTU Estranged Student Bursary. Find out more about eligibility and how to apply.

You many be able to apply to NTU's Discretionary Hardship Fund if you:

  • are experiencing financial hardship
  • identify as estranged
  • do not qualify for independent status on the grounds of estrangement.

Money management workshops

Join our Managing Money Workshop and learn how to budget at university.

Find out more about financial support or email the financial support team.

Careers and placement support

Estranged students have a specialist contact within the Employability Team.

Your contact will help you access career consultants, job fairs and employability workshops.

There is also employability funding available for estranged students (subject to meeting eligibility criteria):

  • Rise work experience fund: To fund unpaid work experience for up to 4 weeks.
  • Rise sandwich placement bursary: To fund the expenses of your sandwich placement.
  • Rise progression fund: To support interview and assessment costs for final year students.
  • Placement support programme: For second year undergraduate students to boost confidence and resilience in seeking and securing placements
  • Future You Scheme: Job alerts, invitations to events, and career coaching for final year students. The scheme also offers 6-week fully paid graduate internship opportunities at NTU.

Further information

Stand Alone supports adults estranged from their family or key family members. They have an advice centre for students.

NTU have taken the Stand Alone Pledge in 2020/21.

  • Last updated: 19/01/2022