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Undergraduate student finance

Who can help if I have a question about my fees or funding?

The links below can answer many of your questions. Still need to speak to someone? Staff from the following teams are available to answer your questions.

What funding is available?

Is your query about eligibility for funding, student finance, bursaries or hardship funds? Email financial.support@ntu.ac.uk or call 0115 848 2494 to speak to our Student Financial Support team.

Payment of tuition fee loans and maintenance loans

Are you are an undergraduate student? Is your query about a Tuition Fee Loan or Maintenance Loan from your national student finance service? Email finstudentfinancesystems@ntu.ac.uk to contact Student Finance Systems. You can also call us on 0115 848 8707.

Paying your tuition fees

Is your query about paying your tuition fees directly to the University? Are your fees are being paid by a sponsor or through a postgraduate loan? Email income@ntu.ac.uk or call 0115 848 6500 to contact our Income and Debt Management team.

NTU Bursary notification letters and payment dates

We approve NTU Bursaries for full-time undergraduate UK home students early in September. Most letters will go out between September and November. We'll send it to the same place as your student finance correspondence, which may be your home address. You'll also find a copy of the bursary letter on the student finance portal.

Payment dates for the NTU Bursary during 2022/23 are:

  • £150 on 7 December 2022
  • £300 on 8 February 2023
  • £300 on 19 April 2023

Find out more about this and other support on our bursaries and scholarships page.

Help with money management

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Divide your termly income across the number of weeks it needs to last to give yourself a weekly budget.
  2. Set up a second bank account. Transfer yourself a weekly or monthly amount so you aren't in danger of overspending.
  3. Create a budget plan detailing how much you'll spend on each living cost. Track your spending as you go.

You can also sign up to Blackbullion. It's free, and can help you get confident about managing your finances.

Check out our managing your money information. You'll find details of our ‘Money Ready for NTU’ workshops and tips on looking after your finances.

Extra help for estranged students

If you're estranged, Student Financial Support can help you plan your finances. They'll support you to apply to your national student finance service as an independent student.

Also, if you started a full-time undergraduate course at NTU in 2022, you may be eligible for a bursary.

Find out more about support for estranged students. You can also email financial.support@ntu.ac.uk or call 0115 848 2494 to discuss this further.

Household income re-assessments

For home undergraduate students, maintenance funding is usually assessed based on household income. For most students under the age of 25, they use your parental household income. For the 2022/23 academic year, student finance uses household income from the 2020/21 tax year to decide what maintenance funding to give you.

You can ask your national student finance service for a reassessment if:

  • you believe your household income will be 15% lower in the 2022/23 tax year
  • you're from Northern Ireland, and you believe your household income will be 5% lower in the 2022/23 tax year.

This is a Current Year Income Assessment. It's based on your predicted household income for 2022/23 instead. They'll use this to decide how much maintenance funding to give you.

There are a few things to consider before asking for a Current Year Income Assessment.

  • Your national student finance service must assess your 2020/21 household income first.
  • As estimated income for 2020/21 is used, you'll need to confirm your actual household income. You may need to do this periodically throughout the year.
  • A significant discrepancy between the predicted income and the confirmed income may trigger a further reassessment. If you're given too much maintenance funding, you may have to repay the overpaid amount.

Contact your national student finance for further advice on making an application. You can also book an appointment with one of NTU’s friendly Money Advisers.

  • Last updated: 05/12/2022