MySay is the University's module evaluation platform. It captures feedback on your modules. This feedback enables module teams to make improvements to the student experience. Your module leader will respond to the feedback. We'll make their responses available to you alongside the results.

How to access MySay

You can log in to MySay directly. You can also use the MySay widget in any NOW module learning room.

Watch our video to learn more.

Finding my MySay survey

What we do with the results

We collate all responses into a report. This includes any free-text comments. Your module leader will then consider the report. Three weeks after the survey closes, you'll get a summary of the results. This summary will include your module leader's reflections, and any relevant action points.

We may use anonymous aggregated survey data and free-text comments for:

  • Academic School and University reporting
  • further research
  • marketing.

Completing the survey

All survey responses are confidential unless you identify yourself in the free-text comments. Your comments are of most value to us in identifying improvements. Please try to provide constructive feedback and be as specific as you can.

We value honest opinions. However, please think about putting forward your views in ways that are:

  • constructive
  • not offensive.

Personal, insulting and derogatory comments about staff are not acceptable. Making them may lead to disciplinary action. See our policies on equality, diversity, inclusion, dignity and respect. These set out our commitment to sustaining an inclusive and supportive learning and working environment. Such an environment is:

  • characterised by inclusivity, respect and dignity
  • free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

If you have a complaint of a personal nature, we have our complaints procedure. You should not raise such issues through this survey.

Survey responses are confidential, but they are not anonymous. In principle, we can identify authors of inappropriate or offensive comments. We can take disciplinary action if we deem it necessary.

Problems accessing your MySay module survey via NOW

Sometimes the MySay widget in NOW does not display properly. This can be caused by changes to browser security settings. The following video provides step-by-step instructions for Safari users. It tells you how to adjust your settings so the MySay widget shows correctly.

MySay safari guide
  • Last updated: 05/12/2022