Grade-based assessment

Read about the new NTU grading scheme and advantages of grade-based assessment (GBA) for Nottingham Trent University undergraduate students.

Read our advice, guidance and FAQs about your exams and assessments during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Assessment practice at NTU uses grades. A key benefit of grade-based assessment (GBA) is that grades and associated descriptors help you to track your development on each module as well as monitor overall progress on the journey to your award.

Any piece of assessed work (e.g. an essay, a critique, a piece of design work) that you submit will receive a grade. For Foundation and Undergraduate Degrees there are 17 grades with the highest grade being Exceptional First. For Postgraduate Degrees there are 14 grades with the highest grade being Exceptional Distinction.

With GBA the grade you receive is based on comparing the qualities of your work with written descriptors (or grading standards) for a number of assessment criteria. Normally for each piece of assessed work you should expect to receive a grade, a grading matrix and individual feedback. Feedback on your work will show the relation between criteria being assessed and learning expectations for your module.

  • Last updated: 02/10/2020