Student handbook

The Student Handbook covers regulations, procedures and policies which you may need to refer to as a current student at NTU.

Student Charter
Find out about the NTU Student Charter, set out by the president of the NTSU and NTU's Vice Chancellor.
Student Code of Behaviour
Read the NTU Student Code of Behaviour.
Submit an appeal
Find out about the Academic Appeals and Academic Irregularities regulations and how to submit an appeal.
Submit a Notification of Extenuating Circumstances
Find out what constitutes extenuating circumstances and how to submit a Notification of Extenuating Circumstances (NEC).
Making a complaint
Find out about our student complaints procedure and the NTSU Peer Support Scheme.
Degree classification
Find out about the NTU degree classification rules.
Grade-based assessment
Read about the new NTU grading scheme and advantages of grade-based assessment (GBA) for Nottingham Trent University undergraduate students.
Policies and procedures
Nottingham Trent University policies and procedures for students.
  • Last updated: 05/12/2022