Student Charter

Find out about the NTU Student Charter, set out by the president of the NTSU and NTU's Vice Chancellor.

As a student attending Nottingham Trent University, your expectations will quite rightly be as high as your ambitions. This Charter sets out how the University is committed to delivering a high quality student experience that meets - and hopefully exceeds - those expectations, while enabling you to realise your ambitions.

This Student Charter has been jointly created by the University and the Students' Union. It is founded on respect, integrity and clear communications. We welcome, listen and respond to the views of students. We will undertake annual reviews of how we are honouring the commitments made here so that we can continue to add real value to the NTU student experience.

In turn, the Charter captures what we expect of you as a student. It outlines your own responsibilities and obligations as well as your rights. We hope it will serve as a valuable reference point at all stages of your university education.

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  • Last updated: 24/09/2020