Could you support the local community and bring positive impact?

Published: 22/11/2022

Have you ever thought about becoming a volunteer to serve the community? Come join the force, you’ll gain new skills for your CV and possibly improve someone’s life.

Luke and Denis
Luke and Denis

Luke Davey, our recent NTU graduate, has been featured in the BBC’s Lifeline programme due to his volunteering work with Independent Age.

As part of the volunteering opportunities offered by our Centre for Student and Community Engagement (CenSCE), Luke was connected with Denis, an 85 year old ex-journalist, to provide some much needed company.

Denis, Independent Age Service user: “I was at quite a low ebb and was referred to Independent Age’s Reconnections Service, which paired me with a local volunteer named Luke. Luke is 21, so there is an age gap of more than 60 years between us. At first, I thought that could be a problem, but he had a magical way of making me feel young again."

My friendship with Luke has made me feel as if I’ve still got something to contribute to the world. He’s moved down to London now, but we still talk regularly on the phone and see each other as often as we can. He came to my birthday party this year and gave me a gift of a pen – which is great for a journalist!

You can find the full article on the Independent Age website and watch Denis and Luke in BBC’s Lifeline (beginning at 3 minutes, 47 seconds).

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can support an older person in Nottingham through NTU, we partner with both Independent Age and Age UK Notts who are currently looking for volunteers to support their work. Age UK Notts also have a particular need for volunteers who may live/work in the Mansfield and Ashfield area.

Be part of the squad! Each year hundreds of our students and staff give their time to volunteer with local not-for-profit organisations, which as this story highlights, have a long lasting impact on the communities and individuals they support.

Find information on volunteering opportunities at NTU