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Our part-funded study abroad scholarships give you international experience. They'll enhance your academic, personal and professional skills. They'll increase your cross-cultural communication skills and expand your global outlook. They'll even help you make connections around the world.

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Last year over 40 students travelled to Mexico, India and Romania. Here are their thoughts on their experiences.

It was such an incredible opportunity to meet new people, experience new cultures and study in a different environment. I have made connections that will last a very long time, and interacted with people with such different lives to me. It has been an eye-opening and incredible experience — one that I will remember forever."

Georgia Phillips, West University Timisoara, Romania

I was able to really grasp and adapt to the cultural, social and political differences between my home country and India. It gave me an open-ended mindset about life."

Uchechukwu Ibeh, OP Jindal Global University and Panjab University, India

It provided me with new skills, opportunities, networks, knowledge and perspectives to take away and use in every aspect of life. It has readjusted my perspective completely."

Amie Higginbottom, CETYS University, Mexico
  • Last updated: 09/12/2022