Enrol online

If you're a new or returning student, find out how to enrol online at the start of the academic year.

Enrolment is the administrative act of becoming a student of the University. It carries with it the obligation to abide by the rules of the University including the payment of tuition fees and other costs. By enrolling you gain access to all our student services and facilities and it entitles you to participate in the studies for which you were admitted. All students are required to enrol annually at the beginning of each academic year.

You are only entitled to attend your course, sit examinations and graduate from the University if you are fully enrolled and have paid your tuition fees. In addition, student loan payments, NUS cards, computer passwords and more cannot be provided until a you have enrolled.

You can enrol online with your NTU ID and password. All new students are sent their NTU ID before the beginning of term and can use this to logon and get their password. All current students will keep their existing NTU ID and password and can enrol following successful completion of their exams.

When you enrol you will need to check and complete information about yourself. This will include qualifications, your previous college / school details, doctor information, disability information and general personal details. If you do not have all of these details you can exit the enrolment process at any point and return to complete it later.

Enrol online
  • Last updated: 17/01/2023