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How to Enrol

To officially register as a student with NTU, you will need to enrol at the start of every academic year. You should be on campus for your course start date to join all necessary induction activities. We encourage you to complete your enrolment as soon as possible once you arrive on campus.

Why it's important to complete your enrolment

Completing your enrolment will:

  • release your student funding – if you're a UK student, this will happen when you are fully enrolled and have received and activated your NTU Student Card
  • give you access to NOW – your online learning portal, which holds your timetable and course information
  • give you access to University buildings and your student email
  • confirm your eligibility for council tax exemption (for full-time, fully enrolled students only)

A step-by-step guide to completing your enrolment

Whether you’re new to NTU, or on placement, please follow these steps to complete your enrolment with us.

New students

Step 1: Find your NTU ID and set your password

Your NTU ID number is in the email that you will receive when your place at NTU is confirmed.

Your NTU ID will look like this: N0123456.

Your password 

Follow the "get or reset password" link on our enrolment page to get your password. If you’re an international student, when prompted to input a postcode, use NG1 4BU.

Step 2: Enrol online

Once you have your password, log in using this along with your NTU ID to complete your online enrolment.

If you are a new international student at NTU your enrolment will be in two stages; online and then in person at the International Enrolment Event to complete your passport and UK entry checks and to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

Step 3: Check your enrolment summary page

You will be able to see any outstanding enrolment actions and advice on how to resolve these on your enrolment summary page. Make sure all elements of your enrolment are ticked as ‘complete’, including your fee payment and any holds you may have applied to your record.

For international students, the 'Passport and Visa check' and 'UK Entry Check' can only be completed when you arrive in Nottingham. For these you should attend the International Enrolment Event.

Step 4: Pay your tuition fees

International students

You’ll need to pay your tuition fees in full, or have set up an instalment payment plan to fully enrol on your course. You can do this before you arrive as part of the online enrolment process. If you chose to set up an instalment plan, no money will be taken out of your account until the first instalment date, Monday 23 January 2023.

We recommend that you set up a UK bank account when you arrive. If you wish, you can then amend which bank account you use to pay your instalment plan.

You'll also find payment advice for international students and advice and guidance for sponsored students online.

UK students

If you’ve arranged to pay your tuition fees through Student Finance, make sure that your funding is approved. Take a look at our funding checklist for more information.

If you're paying your tuition fees directly to the University, you'll be able to make payment arrangements for your fees and check your instalment dates after completing your online enrolment.

Visit our tuition fees and student loan pages for more information on fee status and what your tuition fee includes.

Step 5: Register with a Student Health Centre

When you complete online enrolment, confirm if you wish to register with a University Student Health Centre. We strongly recommend that you register with a Doctor in Nottingham:

Or with a local medical practice for:

Check that you are up to date with all your vaccinations such as Meningitis ACWY, which is recommended and free for all new students under the age of 25, we also encourage you to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

For more information about registering with a doctor, and to search for a local doctor if you are living in other areas of Nottingham, visit the NHS website.

Where to get support with your enrolment

If you have any queries about starting at NTU around enrolment, your student ID card, student finance, and more, get in touch using the form below.

International Student Enrolment Event

All international students must attend our International Enrolment Event to complete enrolment, provide relevant immigration documentation and collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) (City Campus only) if required.

Our City Campus event will take place in Newton Building, Central Gallery from Monday 9 January - Friday 3 February 2023. There will be an opportunity to pay or discuss your fees, meet our student support team and collect your student ID card.

See full opening times below:

  • Monday to Friday - 10am - 2pm

Our Clifton Campus event will take place at the Student Service Centre (SSC) from Monday 9 January - Friday 13 January 2023. Here you can receive support checking visa and immigration documents and financial support will be available on the Tuesday. Alternatively, you can visit the City Campus for full enrolment services.

See full opening times below:

  • Monday to Friday - 10am - 2pm

Returning students

Step 1: Enrol online

You’ll receive an "invitation to enrol" to your NTU email address. Go to our enrolment portal and log in using your NTU ID and password.

Please ensure that your personal contact details and emergency contact information is up to date.

Step 2: Pay your fees

If you have arranged to pay your tuition fees through Student Finance, make sure your funding is approved. Take a look at our funding checklist for more information.

If you're paying your tuition fees directly to the University, you'll be able to make payment arrangements for your fees and check your instalment dates after completing your online enrolment.

Advice for DBS and FTP eligible courses

If your course requires you to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or Fit to Practice Occupational (FTP) check, you must do so before you get here. If you haven’t, you won’t be able to fully enrol on your course. Check our list of DBS and FTP eligible courses to find out if this applies to you.

Please email if you have any questions about DBS and FTP-eligible courses.

Share the details of your emergency contact with us

It's essential that you give us an emergency contact, such as a relative, friend or trusted person, who can provide you with support in a crisis situation. We will use this contact if we assess that there is a risk to your wellbeing or if we have substantial worries about your engagement with NTU.

Update your emergency contact information

MyNTU app

Once you have completed your enrolment you will be able to log on to the MyNTU app. Free to download from your preferred app store, it gives you instant access to:

  • Your emails
  • NOW – your online learning portal
  • Office 365
  • Register your attendance
  • The Library, Student Support and Employability services
  • The Student Newsroom – so you can keep up to date with University news
  • Find an available PC or study space
  • StudentHub – your online resource for accessing support and guidance

Plus, direct access to opportunity and events, and much more.

Timetables and course induction

If you’re new to NTU it’s important that you attend your course induction, check your course start date on your course induction information.

Whether you’re new or returning to your studies, visit StudentHub – your online resource for accessing support and guidance, to find out:

Other help and support

We have a range of different help and guidance available including specific support for learning with a disability, for international students, and financial and wellbeing support.