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Arranging your Funding

Before you arrive at NTU it’s important that you make sure your funding is in place. Here we explain how to arrange your student finance and how your student finance payments are released.

Seek advice early

If you've had confirmation of your student finance funding, but your enrolment status is still showing as “in progress” by the start of September, email the Student Financial Support team or call us on  +44 (0)115 848 8707.

Staff will be available during Welcome to help with funding issues. To avoid problems, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible, we suggest you have copies of letters with you and the login details for your student finance account, so that any issues can be quickly resolved.

Find out more about how to resolve some common issues relating to your student finance and enrolment.

Funding arrangements for postgraduate students

Paying your tuition fees

You can pay your fees in one go, or use our online payment system to pay in instalments. You can do this before you arrive.

If you haven't made payment arrangements before your course starts, your enrolment will remain ‘in progress’ until you make a payment arrangement for tuition fees.

Home students

If you are a home student and have applied for a UK postgraduate loan, it will not be released until you have made a payment arrangement for your tuition fees and your enrolment is showing as complete. are fully enrolled. The loan is paid in three termly instalments. If the course lasts two or more years, the loan is spread over its duration.

The postgraduate loan offers a contribution towards these costs, but will not cover everything, so you will need to look at what additional income you may need and how you can raise it. Our advisers can offer financial planning appointments and look with you at your income and costs, month by month for the duration of your studies.

International students

If you are an international student, you can find more information on your tuition fees – plus advice on how to make your payments – on our International pages.

If you have set up an instalment arrangement prior to enrolment and your card details have changed then please email the Finance Office or call us on +44 (0)115 848 6500 to let us know. The Finance team will be available at enrolment to update your card details.

It is essential to plan your finances before you start your postgraduate studies, to make sure you have enough money to cover both your tuition fees and living costs.

Contacting our Student Financial Support team

If you have any issues relating to your student finance application, email our Student Financial Support team or call us on +44 (0)115 848 2494 with your query.

If you’re studying at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, email student services or call +44 (0)115 952 2075 for financial support.

Bring money with you

Even if everything goes to plan, most students do not receive their first payment until the end of the first week at university. You should bring enough funds to cover your expenses until your first payment. Everyone will have different spending habits, but we recommend you bring at least £200 to cover your expenses.

If you have applied for your funding late, you might experience a delay in receiving your funding. If this is the case, you will need to budget more until the first payment. You will need to consider your essential spending such as groceries and transportation as well as any additional activities you would like to attend. The amount you bring is dependent on how long the delay and your spending habits.

Plan a budget

In most cases you will not get another payment until January, so think about managing your money and planning a budget to make sure you have enough to last you all term. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Divide your termly income across the number of weeks it needs to last to give yourself a weekly budget.
  2. Set up a second bank account and transfer yourself a weekly or monthly amount so you are not in danger of overspending.
  3. Create a budget plan, detailing how much you will spend on each living cost and track your spending as you go.

Money Ready for NTU workshops

The Student Financial Support team are running virtual "Money Ready for NTU" sessions over summer. These 75 minutes sessions are designed to help you prepare financially for university. During these sessions we will cover:

  • The basics of student bank accounts
  • Student expenses
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Help available at NTU.

The session is your opportunity to ask questions about everything to do with Student Finance, budgeting and funding you life as a student - sign-up today to join a session online.

You can also sign up to Blackbullion for free, to help you get confident about managing your finances.

Further information can be found on the NTU StudentHub.

Tips on how to make your money go further


Beware of scam emails

The University and Student Finance will never email you to confirm your login or bank details. If you receive an email asking you to confirm your details, don’t respond or follow the links. If you think the security of your account has been compromised, change your password immediately and forward the email to the security team at to ensure your details are not at risk.