Your course induction

Course inductions at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) are your introduction to studying and learning here. You'll need to attend induction sessions throughout your first few weeks here.

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What is a course induction?

Your course induction will introduce you to your course and how you'll learn at NTU, from our online teaching tools to the buildings and facilities that you'll use as part of your studies.

Course induction sessions take place in the first few weeks of the term.

Attending your course induction

Attending your course induction is extremely important. Taking part will help you understand how you are expected to study, help you focus on what's interesting about your subject and give you opportunities to make friends on your course.

If you are unable to attend, make sure that you contact your School to let them know.

Get ready to start your course in three steps

1. Get your induction timetable

Download your induction timetable and plan your Welcome Week activities around it.

It's crucial that you attend all of your course induction activities, so make sure you know where you need to be and when. Take a look at our campus information to familiarise yourself with our campuses.

2. Complete your pre-arrival task

Most courses have a pre-arrival task to help you start thinking about your subject. The task forms an important part of your induction activity, so it's essential that you complete it before you arrive.

You'll find details of any pre-arrival tasks alongside your course induction timetable. Simply download your course induction to see full details.

3. Your course timetable

Your full course timetable will be available on NOW once you arrive and complete your enrolment in person.

NOW stands for NTU's Online Workspace and is the virtual online learning environment that we use here. It's where you'll find information about your timetable and course, including the reading you'll need to do and the prep work that's expected. You'll also use NOW to submit your assessments online.

What happens during a course induction?

This varies a lot depending on the nature of the course, but there are some common threads.

  • Key staff from your course will introduce themselves and explain a little about what your studies will be like.
  • Studying at university might be different to your previous education experience. During your first week, your course staff will start to explain some of the differences.
  • You’ll hear about services and opportunities available to you. Speakers often include members from the Students' Union, the library and volunteering teams.
  • There will be opportunities for you to get to know your fellow students.
  • You may have campus tours and visits to the library.
  • There will often be a number of administrative functions to carry out, such as choosing modules or picking up lab coats.
  • Finally, you are likely to be introduced to NOW, NTU’s online learning environment.

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