Scooting around Nottingham – everything you need to know about renting an E-scooter

Published: 07/10/2021

Nottingham Council have provided electric scooters around the city, which are available for you to hire for only 12p per minute. They are a convenient, fun and affordable way of travelling to your favourite spots in Nottingham.

In order to hire a WIND e-scooter, you need to hold a provisional driving licence and have downloaded the WIND Mobility App on your phone. No keys, cash, ID cards, or deposits needed, after just a few clicks on the app, you can immediately hop on and enjoy your ride.

WIND E-scooters

Using the WIND e-scooters around our campuses  

We encourageyou to scoot your way to campus on one of the WIND e-scooters, however there are certain rules that you should be aware of:

  • If you are scooting around City campus, please do not bring the scooter into any NTU building as there are marked out bays, dotted around campus that you can easily park in.
  • Please be mindful that you are not allowed to scoot on the tram lines or pedestrian walkways.
  • If you are travelling to Clifton Campus, we encourage you to park the WIND e-scooters at the parking bays at the entrance to the campus, as scooting around the grounds is not allowed.

Please be aware that you must never travel to campus on a privately owned e-scooter, as it is against the law to use one on public roads.

Thanks for riding responsibly, and happy scooting!