Our NTU Alumni Abdul-Malek Aggag shares his incredible experience of working in the Global Lounge.

Published: 10/01/2022

Here at NTU, the Global lounge provides amazing opportunities for you to internationalise your CV and broaden your horizons. You get the chance to connect with peers from around the world, take part in cultural events, learn new languages, or find out about our study abroad opportunities.

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Abdul-Malek had to say about his experience working and engaging within the Global Lounge.

“working at the Global lounge was very rewarding and transforming as it opened the gates for me to experience the beauty and depth of different cultures and made distant countries feel nearby.”

He speaks about all the opportunities that he has experienced being part of this Global community.

“Through the Global Lounge, I had the opportunity to visit my international friends in their home country. Also, I had the chance to travel to Oman for 20 days and spend time exploring its amazing nature and relinking with the group I met through work.

I had the chance to visit Mauritania for two weeks and explore its hidden beauty and attend my friend’s wedding. Traveling has left its impact on me and re-uniting with friends that were once regular visitors at the Global Lounge was truly magical”.

To find out more about all the exciting opportunities and events at the NTU Global Lounge then please visit our website.

Visit Abdul-Malek’s blog or his Instagram to hear more about his personal experience.