Clifton Campus

Transport and parking information for NTU students travelling to our Clifton campus.

If you're travelling to campus on public transport, please remember to:

  • wear a face covering
  • maintain social distancing
  • try to avoid travelling at peak times if possible.

By car

Clifton is a village near the city of Nottingham. For complete road directions from anywhere in the UK, see our directions to NTU page. The Clifton Campus postcode is NG11 8NS.

We're providing free parking for all students in who need to come onto our Clifton Campus in Term Three. This is to help our students maintain social distancing and avoid public transport.

If you intend to travel to the Clifton Campus by car, and are not entitled to purchase a parking permit, we recommended that you use the city’s Park & Ride services. You can park at the NET Tram Park & Ride - Clifton South site and catch the tram, getting off at the Rivergreen tram stop. Our Clifton Campus is a ten-minute walk from Rivergreen. Remember to buy your ticket before you board the tram.

Visit the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) site for more information on the city’s Park & Ride services. You can use the discounted Student Mango Card on most Trent Barton buses, as well as the tram.

By car share

While Coronavirus restrictions are in place, we advise you not to share cars with anyone outside of their household or support bubble.

NTU operates a car-sharing scheme especially for students. It's designed to help you reduce your daily travel costs and CO2 emissions at the same time.

It's totally free to use. It enables you to find others going your way, so you can share the journey. You can:

  • take turns driving
  • offer someone a lift in exchange for a contribution to the fuel costs
  • look for someone to give you a lift.

You can access your account online once you've registered. It makes searching as convenient as possible. You can choose to search for matches:

  • among NTU students, or
  • from the whole nationwide Liftshare database.

You don't have to do it every day. It's completely flexible. Once you've found others going your way, you decide among yourselves how often it suits you to share.

Discover for yourself just how much money you can save by car-sharing. Sign up and find a car-share companion or two.

By bike

The Ucycle student bike hire scheme is a great way for students to get around the University campus. Different sizes of bikes are available to hire. It costs just £49 for the academic year, plus a £60 refundable deposit.

Visit the Ucycle web pages for more information. You'll also find:

  • Nottingham cycle maps
  • details of NTU shower and cycle compound facilities
  • information about our Doctor Bike sessions.

By bus

Due to COVID-19, we advise you to avoid public transport where possible. We understand travelling between our campuses on buses is sometimes unavoidable. You should try to travel at quieter times, avoiding rush hours.

Due to lockdown and the significant reduction in demand for trips, NCT have suspended Service 4. Students and staff who need to use public transport to get to Clifton Campus should use Service 1 which leaves from Beastmarket Hill in the City Centre and drops off and picks up passengers at the bus stops just outside Clifton Campus Main Entrance.

Alternatively, the tram is available for travelling to Clifton Campus.  The nearest tram stop is at Rivergreen in Clifton Estate, with a short walk to the A453 crossing at the Main Entrance to the campus.

Visit the Nottingham City Transport website for more details and updates about NCT services.

A discounted pass is available to all NTU students as part of your Smartcard.

You can find timetables on the Nottingham City Transport website.

  • Last updated: 30/04/2021