Living in the community

We’re proud to be a part of the local community. We work with our Students’ Union and a range of local partners to help our students understand their responsibilities as local residents and neighbours.

We are proud to be part of our local community and proud that so many of our students live and give back to our local neighbourhoods.

As a student, living in the community is different to living in halls of residence or on campus. Those around you aren’t necessarily students, they may be working night shifts, be elderly or have young families who need plenty of sleep.

It’s important to remember and to respect that your neighbours’ day to day lives may be very different from your own.

We know the vast majority of our students act considerately and respectfully throughout their time at NTU. If you have recently moved into a new community, it’s important that you understand what is expected from you.

Giving back to your community

There are so many ways as a student you can give back to your community from volunteering to donating unwanted food to your local food bank and unwanted goods to your local charity at the end of term.

Advice for students living in the community

Taking the bins out on bin day

Know when its bin day

If you are living in a Nottingham City Council community then your waste will be collected weekly, alternating between household waste and recycling.

Please check when your bin day is, be sure you are only recycling loose appropriate items and bring your bin in promptly the next day. You could be fined up to £100 for leaving your bin out for more than eight hours after collection. For more information, please check the Nottingham City Council website.

Your bin may not be collected if it is overfilled and additional bags of rubbish may not be collected. If there are many of you living in the same house you may need to consider using local waste and recycling centres.

Keep your noise to a minimum

Keep your noise to a minimum

Your neighbours are less likely to be students when you are living in the community. Please be respectful of those living around you, keep your noise to a minimum as you are arriving / leaving your property.

If you are having friends round let your neighbours know in advance so they aren’t surprised and know what time you will be finishing. Your neighbours may be working night shifts, they may be elderly or could be young families who need to be up early for work or school.


Avoid drinking alcohol in public

Many areas of Nottingham are protected by Public Spaces Protection Orders so to avoid a £70 fine avoid drinking in public spaces.

Our expectations of you as a NTU student

As a NTU student you have signed and agreed to a Student Code of Behaviour. This clearly states that you are expected to have consideration and respect for your neighbours.

If any incident of anti-social behaviour, including excessive noise or littering, is reported to us we will investigate promptly. If we find that your behaviour is in breach of our code the consequences could include fines, community service or exclusion from your course.

Your safety

Your safety is important to us, we and our local partners are here to support you. If you need to report a crime please call 101; for emergency help please call 999.

We work closely with our Students’ Union (NTSU) to look at a variety of ways we can help including:

  • our safe taxi’s scheme to help you get home if you’ve run out of cash
  • Safe Place’s staffed by NTU Security and Wardens across our City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses
  • advice for staying safe online
Find out more about Student Safety at NTU

For support with your mental wellbeing and health please contact our Student Support Services, via email or call 0115 848 6060.

Our Students’ Union also has an information and advice hub available to help.

Alternatively, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or call 0300 330 5457 (Free Service).

You can report a problem in your neighbourhood to Nottingham City Council via their website or during working hours you can call them on 0115 915 2020. They’ll ensure your call is directed to the right team or agency.

For students living in West Bridgford you can also use the Rushcliffe Borough Council’s online reporting tool.

Staying secure at home

Remember to keep your property secure. Keep windows and doors locked, valuables out of sight and don’t leave spare house keys hidden in obvious places – no matter how forgetful your housemates are.

For more advice on staying safe please visit Nottinghamshire Police website.

  • Last updated: 04/01/2023