Erasmus mobility grants and the Turing scheme

Get information on Erasmus+ grants, the Turing scheme, and how to apply for funding when travelling in Europe.

Erasmus+ mobility grants

The Erasmus+ programme promoted student mobility to Europe for study and work. The programme includes over 250 partner institutions in 26 European countries. View the Erasmus charter.

In 2020, the government confirmed the UK will not be part of the 2021 to 2027 Erasmus+ programme.

We may continue to take part next year if there is surplus funding from our 2020/21 Erasmus+ grant. If there's money left over, you'll still be able to apply for a mobility grant. This will be subject to availability as well as the usual requirements and criteria.

Erasmus+ mobility grants help students with the cost of travelling and living abroad. We've left the details on Erasmus+ mobility grants for 2020/21 on this page for your information. Please note that grant amounts and deadlines are subject to change each year. We encourage you to keep an eye on this page for updates.

If you're a student on Erasmus+ this academic year 2020/21, please note that your funding is not affected. You'll still get your Erasmus funding subject to the usual requirements and criteria.

Studying abroad

  • Up to €370 a month for countries with a lower cost of living.
  • Up to €420 a month for countries with a higher cost of living.
  • €120 per month for disadvantaged students.

Apply for funding

Students going to study abroad will receive the Erasmus+ forms via Mobility Online.

Working abroad

  • Up to €470 per month for countries with a lower cost of living.
  • Up to €520 per month for countries with a higher cost of living.
  • €20 per month for disadvantaged students.

Applying for a work placement grant

Going on a work placement? You will need to complete a Learning Agreement and Grant Agreement. Please contact to request the forms.

Due to limited funding, unpaid traineeship applications get priority.

Additional needs support grant

An extra grant is available if you have specific access needs. This is alongside the study or traineeship grants.

Special access needs include such things as:

  • adapted accommodation
  • travel assistance
  • medical assistance
  • supportive equipment
  • adaption of learning material
  • an accompanying person.

To apply for this specific needs grant, email us stating your needs and foreseen extra costs.

You must apply before the commencement of the mobility period. Email NTU Global for more information.

Application information

Grants are subject to availability. They're based on the duration and destination of your time abroad.

There is a minimum duration of 90 days for study exchanges and 60 days for work placements.

All participating students must submit a grant contract before departure. You must fill this in, sign it, and return it to NTU Global before leaving NTU.

Students undertaking two separate Erasmus periods will need two separate grant contracts. Examples include:

  • language students spending two semesters in two different countries
  • students doing both an Erasmus exchange and an Erasmus traineeship.

When do I apply?

  • For Semester One and full-year opportunities, the deadline to apply is 31 August.
  • For Semester Two, the deadline to apply is 30 November.

When is my grant paid?

Erasmus+ pay grants in two instalments:

  • 70% before you travel, upon completion of the required paperwork and survey.
  • 30% when you return to the UK.

Repayment of grant

If you've received Erasmus funding and you return from your placement early, you'll have to pay it back. Please bear this in mind if you make any changes to your Erasmus activity. Conditions apply.

Turing Scheme

The new Turing Scheme begins in September 2021. This replaces the UK’s participation in Erasmus+. Find out more about Turing Scheme grant rates.

The British Council will be giving us more information about the Turing Scheme. This should be in February or March. We appreciate your patience in the meantime. Keep an eye on this page  – we'll update it when we know more. We'll also hold an information session for students.

We'll be holding information sessions and virtual drop-ins in spring 2021. Visit the Study Abroad channel on the Virtual Global Lounge for announcements.

  • Last updated: 10/05/2021