International summer schools

Gain international experience, expand your global network, and learn new skills at a summer school abroad, either on-campus or virtually.

Most summer schools last between one and six weeks. Programmes vary from very specialist courses to more general cultural immersion programmes.

Universities advertise summer schools from December. We update our summer school listings with the latest information.

Fees, costs and scholarships

As well as tuition fees, you'll need to budget for other things too. These can include flights, accommodation, visas (if applicable), insurance, and food.

Financial support may be available by applying for one our travel scholarships.

We offer international summer school scholarships at some partner universities, especially in China. These scholarships help towards the tuition and accommodation fees.

Apply for an international summer school

  1. Research the summer school and look at the fees and eligibility criteria.
  2. Download and fill out the application form and email it to us.
  3. We nominate you to the partner university and confirm fees and availability.
  4. You may need to complete the partner’s own summer school application form.

You do not need to complete this form if you're applying for one of NTU Global's international summer school scholarships.

Credits gained at an international summer school won't count towards your NTU degree programme.

For more information, contact our Summer Schools and Travel Scholarships Coordinator Faye Martin.

Summer schools in Europe

Get more information on summer schools in Europe below, including the duration of the programmes, what each programme offers and when to apply.


University of Vienna Summer School for International and European Studies

When: 17 July to 14 August 2021.

Programme: This is a four-week programme. European studies courses in the morning are taught in English. German language courses are taught in the afternoon. They are offered in four different levels of language ability.

Fee: €1,970 for tuition and social programme plus €1,849 for single room accommodation and full board. There is also an extra Austrian students' union fee of €20.20.

Apply by: 30 April (TBC).


University of Antwerp — Antwerp Summer University

When: Dates vary by course, but they run from June to September.

Programme: Various courses in:

  • arts
  • business and economics
  • sustainability
  • design sciences
  • law
  • medicine and health sciences
  • interdisciplinary areas.

Fee: Course specific — see their website.

Apply by: Course specific — see their website.


American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)

AUBG's Summer Academy offers intense academic courses lasting three weeks. Students can choose from a variety of fields and can earn up to three academic credits.


  • Game Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Bulgarian Language and Culture
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Europe

Fees:  $2,080, plus an optional $410 meal plan.

When: The Summer Academy will take place during June 2022.

Application deadline: 30 April 2022.

Czech Republic

Masaryk University Summer School

When: Dates vary by course, but they run from May and August.

Programme: Various courses, including:

  • Birth and Death of Democracy?
  • International Relations and Threats to Global Security
  • Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture
  • research lab internship
  • CzechMates internship.

Fee: Course specific — please see their website.

Application deadlines:

15 February is the early bird deadline for:

  • Birth and Death of Democracy?
  • Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture
  • research lab internship
  • CzechMates internship.

15 April 2021 is the final deadline for:

  • Birth and Death of Democracy?
  • Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture
  • research lab internship
  • CzechMates internship.

15 May is the deadline for:

  • all two-week intensive course programmes.

The Prague Summer Schools

When: 3 to 10 July 2021.

Programme: Six courses are offered.

  • Crime, Law and Psychology
  • Development, Sustainability and Globalisation
  • Europe in Crisis: Hopes and Fears of the EU
  • Behavioural Economics and Psychology
  • China: A World Superpower — Myth or Reality
  • Education: The Future of School

Fee: Course specific — please check their website.

Apply by: Early bird deadline 15 May 2021. Final deadline 15 June 2021.


Via University Summer School

When: July and August depending on course


  • Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship
  • UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Multi Storey Timber Construction
  • International Health: Welfare Technology and Dementia
  • Comic Creation
  • Animation
  • Classical Drawing

Fee: Course specific — please check the website.

Apply by: 1 April 2021

Aarhus University – AU Summer University


  • Term One: 5 to 23 July 2021
  • Term Two: 26 July to 13 August 2021

Programme: 95 courses offered within the fields of:

  • computer science
  • engineering
  • bioscience
  • agroecology
  • food science
  • psychological sciences
  • political science
  • management
  • business
  • communication and culture
  • health
  • law.

Fee: Please see the Aarhus University website

Apply by: 8 April 2021

Via University College — Via Summer School

When: Courses run in July and August. Dates for 2021 to be confirmed soon.

Programmes and courses in:

  • entrepreneurship
  • sustainability
  • international health
  • timber construction.

Fee: Course specific — please see their website.

Apply by: 1 April 2021


JAMK — Leadership, Communication and Tourism

When: 4 to 23 June 2021.

Programme: The Leadership, Communication and Tourism programme allows you to choose four courses. You'll develop a combination of hands-on skills and a strong theoretical knowledge base. Some courses are suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Please check each course.

Fees: Administration fee of €690 per student. This includes two nights in Helsinki and extracurricular activities. Accommodation costs vary. See the JAMK website.

Apply by: Applications open 1 March and close 23 April 2021.

Turko Abo Summer School

When: 6 to 20 August 2021.

Programme: The following courses are offered, some of them virtually.

  • Contemporary Economic Sociology
  • Ethics of Safety and Wellbeing in Nordic Society
  • From International to Global Marketing
  • International Trade, the WTO and EU perspective
  • Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts (online course)
  • Multimodal Interaction in Professional Contexts (online course)
  • Sea, Nature and Finnish Culture
  • Service Design Processes and Methods
  • Solving Wicked Problems of the Future Ocean (online course)
  • Timetrek: The Natural History of the World.

Fee: €45 to €75 Euros, varying by course, plus  € 100 Euros for the social programme.

Apply by: 12 April 2021.


NEOM Business School

When: 20 June to 8 July 2022.

Programme: The short summer programme runs over three weeks. It's a great opportunity for students who:

  • are interested in a career in sport management, or
  • wish to know more about this dynamic global industry.

Courses taught include:

  • Sport Management — The French Model, Strengths and Future Challenges
  • Managing Major Sporting Events — Sports Event to Softpower Influence
  • Sports Sponsorship and Marketing — Strategies for Federations and Clubs
  • Business Game Football Club CEO — Club Management and Finance

Fees: €2,000. This includes lunch, but does not include the cost of flights and accommodation.

Apply by: 15 May 2022.


Goethe University — Frankfurt Summer School

When: August 2021. Sates to be confirmed soon.

Programme: Goethe University aim to teach on-campus. If that's not possible, they will offer some courses online. Various courses are available from a wide range of subject areas including:

  • artificial intelligence
  • social research
  • psychology
  • linguistics
  • animal studies
  • law
  • biology.


  • €50 application fee
  • €500 per course
  • €350 for accommodation
  • €175 for the German language course.

Apply by: 30 April 2021.

Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich — Summer University

When: 2 to 27 August 2021

Programme: If an on-campus summer school is not possible the courses will take place online. The English-language summer academy teaching a wide range of subjects in the fields of:

  • arts and humanities
  • economics and communication
  • law
  • medicine
  • natural sciences
  • social and political sciences.

Fees: €500.

Apply by: 30 April 2021.

Munich University of Applied Sciences — Summer School

When: 5 July to 6 August 2021.

Programme: The following online courses are offered.

  • Engineering of Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Smart Vehicles
  • The Potential of Renewable Energies — can we satisfy the thirst for energy in a sustainable way?
  • Crashes and Impacts: Analysis, Techniques and Biomechanics
  • Hydraulic snd Pneumatic Systems
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Fees: Online fees for 2021 to be confirmed soon.

Apply by: 14 March 2021.


University of Pisa — Summer Schools

When: Course specific — courses for 2021 to be confirmed.

Programme: A variety of subjects in the fields of:

  • humanities
  • society, economics and law
  • health sciences
  • engineering
  • agriculture and veterinary
  • maths and sciences.

Fees: Course specific — please check the website for details.

Apply by: Course specific — please check the website for details.


Kozminski University — International Summer School

When: 5 to 23 July 2021.

Programme: A variety of courses in business and law. These may be online if on-campus delivery is not possible.

Fee: €700.

Apply by: 1 June 2021.


National Research University Higher School of Economics — International Summer School

When: 20 June to 20 August 2021.

Programme: The Summer University offers a interdisciplinary selection of course. It's open to all students. It's of particular interest to those studying:

  • international relations
  • history
  • political science
  • other social sciences and humanities.

Many of the course are taught in English. They focus on the politics, history, economics and culture of Russia and Eurasia.

Fee: $200 USD per credit, and includes tuition, visa support and social events.

Apply by: Applications open 1 November 2020 and close on 18 April 2021.


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Summer School

When: 28 June to 23 July 2021


Summer School of Economics and Business runs from 28 June to 23 July 2021. It's taught in English. Choose one or two courses from:

  • Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Global Marketing
  • Doing Business in Spain.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Climate Change runs from 12 to 23 July 2021. It's taught in English.

Fee: From €633.26 to €1,299. There is an early bird discount on payments received by 28 February 2021.

Apply by: 14 June 2021


Jönköping University — JU Summer School

When: 7 June to 2 July 2021

Programme: Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective (taught in English)

Fee: SEK 900 application fee, and SEK 26,000 for the tuition fee and the social and cultural package.

Apply by: 1 April 2021.

The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam — UvA Summer School

When: Course specific. June, July and August. Please see their website.

Programme: Courses range from the sciences and the humanities, and many are interdisciplinary.

Fees: Course specific — please see their website.

Apply by: Course specific — please see their website.

Radboud University — Radboud Summer School

When: 20 June to 19 August 2022.

Programme: Over 80 inspiring on-campus and online short courses for international students and researchers. See the course overview.

Fee: Course specific — please see their website. Apply by 1 April 2022 and receive a 25% discount as a partner university.

Apply: Applications open in January 2022.

University of the Arts, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University – Summer School Utrecht

When: Course specific — please see their website from November onwards.

Programme: 209 courses in the disciplines of:

  • culture
  • art and music
  • language
  • social sciences
  • business
  • law and economics
  • science
  • life sciences
  • healthcare
  • engineering and technology.

Fee: Course specific — please see their website from November onwards.

Apply by: Course specific — please see their website from November onwards.

Summer schools in Asia

Take a look at the programmes available at summer schools in Asia, as well as their fees, application deadlines and duration.


Fudan University – International Summer School

When: 12 July to 6 August 2021

Programme: aiming for on-campus delivery, if this isn’t possible some of the courses will be offered virtually. There are a variety of courses in the following subject areas -

  • Business and Economy
  • Science and Technology
  • Law
  • Society and Politics
  • History and Culture
  • PE
  • Chinese

Fee: application fee is CNY 400, tuition fee is CNY 17,180 (15,180 if teaching moves online).

Apply by: 15 June 2021

South Korea

Hanyang University – Hanyang International Summer School

When: 5 – 30 July 2021

Programme: a large range of 130 credit-bearing course in a wide range of subject areas.

Fees: 1,900,000 KRW

Apply by: 31 April 2021

Korea University International Summer Campus


  • Six-week course* – 28 June to 5 August.
  • Four-week course – 12 July to 5 August.

*the first two weeks are taught online for quarantine period.

Programme: courses offered in the following.

  • business and economics
  • humanities
  • sociology and cultural studies
  • fine art and design
  • science
  • law
  • politics and international relations
  • Korean and East Asian studies
  • Korean language.


  • One course: ₩1,100,000.
  • Two courses: ₩2,000,000.
  • Three courses: ₩2,600,000.

Apply by: 14 May 2021

2021 Yonsei International Summer School

Applications Open: 3 January 2022

When: 28 June - 14 August 2022 (6 weeks), or  28 June - 21 July 2021 (4 weeks).

Programme: A wide range of courses in different subject areas. See their website for details. Please note that some are taught virtually.

Fee: ₩1,600,000 to ₩3,600,000 KRW. This varies by course and number of courses taken.

Apply by: 13 May 2022.


When: 9 – 29 August 2021

Programme: the modules are:

  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Meet Successful Entrepreneurs in Thought and Action.

Fee: €1,950. This includes a non-refundable application fee, accommodation, most meals, and the social programme.

Apply by: 31 May 2021


National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) – Summer Intensive Mandarin Program

When: 20 June to 31 July 2021

Programme: First 2 weeks are online (from quarantine hotel in Taiwan) and last 4 weeks are on campus at National Sun Yat-Sen University.
Besides language classes, you will take part in cultural classes, city tour and field trips, and outdoor activities and cultural excursions. You will share a room with 2-4 other students when on campus to enable you to meet people and make friends quickly.

Fee: the summer school program fee, unlimited internet, accommodation (including quarantine hotel), and transportation from the airport to the quarantine hotel will be covered by NSYSU for up to 12 NTU students. NTU students will be responsible for the international flights, visa, and internal transfer in the UK (find more info here about NTU’s travel scholarships to help with your travel costs). NSYSU will arrange airport pick-up and help students to obtain visas. Students are responsible for their meals and personal expenses.
NSYSU will book and pay for the quarantine hotel. Students will be staying in single rooms and be provided three meals a day. Students can order food from outside at their own expense – no refund for the meals not served.

Application deadline: 9 April 2021 (Please email for an application form. If the deadline has passed but you are still interested in applying please contact us and we will contact NSYSU to see if places are still available. You may also be required to complete NTU’s risk assessment forms prior to departure to be covered by NTU Travel Insurance).

  • Last updated: 24/01/2022