Which visa do I need?

Find out which type of visa you need.

Types of visa

If you're already in the UK, you might not be able to enrol until you've made a Student visa application. It depends what type of visa you currently have.

A Student visa application requires a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). NTU will assign a CAS to you.

To be able to complete your enrolment and start your studies at NTU, you must provide:

  • copies of your current visa and passport, or
  • evidence that you have made the correct visa application.

Contact us for further guidance if:

  • the type of visa you hold isn't listed below
  • you're unsure if your current immigration permission allows you to study at NTU.

If you're an EU or EEA student, refer to our information for EU and EEA students.

Courses delivered by Confetti and NTU in Mansfield are not covered by NTU's sponsor licence. It is not possible to apply for a Student visa for those courses.

Type of visa

Can it be used to start your studies at NTU?

Action required

Student visa obtained using a CAS from NTU



Student visas obtained using a CAS from a different institution


Make a Student visa application using a CAS from NTU. Please check if you're eligible to apply in the UK, or if have to return overseas to apply.

Standard Visitor visa

Yes, but only if your course is no more than 6 months long.


Short-term Study visa

Yes, but only for English language courses, such as PEAP, lasting 6 to 11 months.


Dependant visa



Skilled Worker visa, other work visa categories


None, but you should also be working in the UK.*

Graduate route visa


Make a Student visa application using a CAS from NTU if you plan to study a full-time degree course.

EU settlement scheme pre-settled / settled status


None. Students with pre-settled status must submit another application to get settled status. They can only do this once they've lived in the UK for 5 years.

*Thinking about studying on your existing immigration permission? Check that you have enough time to complete your course. It may not be possible to apply to extend or switch your immigration permission in the UK. This depends on the type of immigration permission you hold. Email us if you need further guidance.

  • Last updated: 17/01/2023