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Visa information for EU, EEA and Swiss students

The information below will provide NTU applicants and students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland with information about what you need to do to secure your status in the UK.

Students coming to the UK for courses of less than 6 months

Students who are nationals of the EU, EEA or Switzerland can come to the UK as a visitor to study courses of up to 6 months. Students can enter the UK using their passport (please note ID cards are no longer accepted as valid ID documents to enter the UK) and are allowed to stay in the UK for up to 6 months.

Permitted activities for visitors are listed on the Gov.UK website and include studying, but please note visitors are not allowed to work. Note also that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they leave the UK within 6 months of their entry to the UK.

Students will be required to provide proof of their date of entry when they enrol at the University, so it is important you retain travel tickets/boarding passes.

Students who were resident in the UK before 31/12/20

Students who were living in the UK before 31/12/20 and have obtained pre-settled or settled status in the UK under the EU settlement scheme do not need to take further action. Their status can be verified using the view and prove service on the GOV.UK website. Students who have pre-settled status and plan to remain in the UK at the end of their permission will need to make another application under the EU settlement scheme to get settled status once they have been in the UK for 5 years.

Students coming to the UK for courses of more than 6 months

EU, EEA and Swiss students coming to the UK for courses of more than 6 months must obtain a Student visa before travelling to the UK. The visa application process is simple and is made using an app and the student’s biometric passport.

Please read the UK government’s guide for EU students for more details about the process. The student visa fee is £348 and in addition, students will be required to pay the Immigration Health Charge (£470 per year of study, payable in advance for the full duration of the course). Students applying using the app will receive a visa decision by email and will have a digital immigration status.


EU/EEA/Swiss students who have secured their status under the EU settlement scheme can access NHS care in the same way as UK residents.

Students who are applying for a Student visa will be required to pay the immigration health surcharge as part of their Student visa application, which will give them right to access NHS care during their stay in the UK.

Students coming to the UK for less than 6 months as a visitor should read the UK government guidance about healthcare for visitors to the UK from the EU.

FAQs: Student visas for EU/EEA/Swiss students

What do I need in order to make a Student visa application?

You will need to make sure you have a valid biometric passport, your CAS number (this will be issued to you by the Admissions team once you have met all the conditions of your offer), proof that you can meet the financial requirements, and evidence of your English language level. Students under 18 also need a letter of consent from their parents and proof of their relationship.

What is the financial requirement for Student visa applications?

Students must be able to demonstrate that they, or their parents, have access to enough money to cover the cost of their course fees for the first year of their studies, plus £9,207 for their living costs. The money must be saved for at least 28 days before the student applies for their visa, or must be available as a student/government loan.

Students will not routinely be required to provide financial evidence, but may be asked to do so as part of the visa decision process. Students who are unable to demonstrate they can meet this requirement will receive a visa refusal.

How long does it take to get a Student visa?

You will usually get a decision within 3 weeks, but you are advised to wait until you have received your decision email before booking travel.

I don’t need a visa to enter the UK as a visitor, so can I travel to the UK before I receive my Student visa decision email?

You must not travel to the UK before you receive a decision on your student visa. If you do, you will be in the UK as a visitor and you will not be allowed to enrol on your course and start your studies. You will be asked to leave the UK again and re-enter once a decision has been made on your Student visa.

How do I prove my immigration status?

You can generate a share code to allow others to view your immigration status using the view and prove service on the GOV.UK website. You will need to provide a share code when you enrol at NTU, along with your visa decision email and proof of date of entry into the UK (travel ticket/ boarding pass).

Who can I contact for advice on my Student visa application?

Our international student support service is here to answer any questions you have regarding visas. Please email: or call + 44 115 8482631.

Find out more

UKCISA: Council for International Student Affairs has very comprehensive pages for EU /EEA / Swiss nationals and the implications of Brexit.

You can also find out more about EU students in the UK from the British Council website.