Visas and immigration

Find out about what type of visa you may need to continue your studies or start a new course at NTU. See advice on how to apply for your visa, and information on CAS numbers.

Which visa do I need?
Find out which type of visa you need.
Making your Student visa application
Find out about how to apply for your Student visa.
Student visa requirements
Find out about Student visa requirements.
Your Student visa responsibilities
Find out about your responsibilities as a student, and NTU's responsibilities as a your educational sponsor.
Police registration
As of 5 August 2022, students are no longer required to register with the police. This change affects those who have already registered and new students who were due to register.
Lost passport or biometric residence permit
If you have lost your passport or biometric residence permit in the UK or abroad we can advise on what to do.
Visas for short-term study
Information on short-term study visas and how to apply.
Standard visitor visa (for graduation)
Find out how to get a standard visitor visa to return to attend your graduation at NTU.
Travelling outside of the UK
Information for students travelling outside the UK during your time at NTU.
Inviting friends and family to the UK
Find out how to invite family members or friends to visit you in the UK.
  • Last updated: 03/05/2023