Understanding Racism: a new anti-racism self-study syllabus for students

Published: 08/10/2021

NTU is committed to tackling racism and education is an essential tool within our armoury to stamp it out.

Racism is deeply rooted and complex, and it can manifest itself in different forms. It’s important to understand racism, because with this understanding, we as an NTU community can work to become an anti-racist institution.

NTU has worked to carefully create a digital learning experience that invites all students to engage through a range of media to explore and build on your understanding of what racism is. All featured content has been critically reviewed by external subject matter experts and by a team of NTU student reviewers.

As a student and as a member of our NTU community you’re now invited to explore and develop your knowledge by completing the Understanding Racism self-study syllabus.

Access the Understanding Racism self-study syllabus

The self-study syllabus will equip you to practice inclusivity, fairness and respect through your behaviours and support you as a member of NTU to stamp out racism. If you have any questions about the Understanding Racism digital learning syllabus, please contact equality@ntu.ac.uk.

Understanding Racism is a self-study syllabus for students
Understanding Racism is a self-study syllabus for students, and part of NTU's Race Equality Action Plan