Opportunities for international students

There are lots of opportunities at NTU alongside your studies. They're fun, and can help develop your transferrable skills.

Clubs and societies

There are currently over 100 societies within the Students' Union. Societies are groups set up by and run for students who share a common interest. They're a great place to make new friends and take part in interesting events. They're based on everything from activities and interests to faiths and nationalities. You might be interested in joining the Chinese or Islamic societies. You might want to get into photography, or learn how to knit. There really is a society for everyone.

For sports enthusiasts and those who like to lead an active lifestyle, there are over 60 sports clubs at NTU. They all welcome new members of all abilities.

Events for international students

Both in Welcome Week and beyond, there are a number of events for international students.These give you the opportunity to:

  • meet new people
  • find out more about NTU and the city of Nottingham
  • explore more of the UK.

The Students' Union run regular events for international students. These including day trips to fun and interesting places. Take a look on Students' Union website to find out what's on offer at the moment.

Nottingham Trent Volunteering

Nottingham Trent Volunteering is a partnership between NTU and Nottingham Trent Students' Union. It provides a range of diverse and enjoyable volunteering opportunities for students. We aim these at students who wish to give their time and help out in the local community. We can tailor these projects to how much time you can commit, and to your personal interests. Such interests could include things like:

  • art
  • sport
  • criminal justice
  • mentoring young people.

Student Ambassadors scheme

The Student Ambassadors Ambassadors scheme gives you the opportunity to help out at a range of events. These include University Open Days, summer schools and taster days. You'd be acting as an ambassador for both NTU and higher education. The scheme is a great opportunity to:

  • get involved in University life, and
  • develop useful transferrable skills.

Students in Classrooms

Students in Classrooms is a collection of three schemes. These schemes offer placements in local schools. They offer the opportunity to do things like:

  • provide subject-specific support in local schools
  • mentor secondary school students
  • offer literacy support to primary school students.

The schemes are open to all students at NTU. They're not just for those interested in a career in teaching. They offer a chance for all participants to enhance key employability skills.


The HOST programme is an opportunity for international students. You'll learn more about British culture by spending a day or weekend with a UK family in their home. You can find out more about the programme, including details on how to apply, on the HOST website.

  • Last updated: 03/12/2021