The Jamie Marshall Awards celebrates our talented students

Published: 06/06/2022

On Wednesday 25 May, we hosted our Jamie Marshall Awards event where our fabulous students were presented with awards for giving back to the community as CERT Student Mentors, Community Volunteers and Students in Classrooms volunteers.

The Jamie Marshall Award recognises the outstanding contributions students make and is awarded on the basis of specific characteristics that they have embodied: kindness, resilience, supportive nature, and a sense of fun.

Wednesday 1 June marked the start of this year's annual Volunteer’s Week, so why not check out our opportunities on the NTU website, to see how you could give back and make a difference.

Jamie Marshall Awards Night

CERT Student Mentor Awards

At NTU we have over 700 CERT mentors, who are part of the Collaborative Engagement and Retention team (CERT) and provide invaluable support to all first-year students.

Here are the winners of the CERT Student Mentor category:

Tia Higman

Tia won the award for always being willing to help others and going above and beyond to assist students and staff alike. She has been credited by her fellow team and has constantly received positive feedback regarding her attitude.

Lyba Nadeem 

Lyba won the award for inspiring and motivating fellow mentees and increasing engagement with events such as the creative sessions. She has been described as personable, friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Raffaele Baldo

Raffaele won the award for being gentle, adaptable and understanding to students, as they responded to his warmth and mischievous spirit. He is a regular presence in the illustration studios and is inquisitive and keen to engage with others.

Community Volunteer Awards

At NTU we place hundreds of community volunteers in organisations within Nottingham. Our volunteers give up their time freely to offer invaluable support from canal cleaning to school governance.

Here are the winners of the Community Volunteer category:

Andreea Naraevschi

Andreea won the award for being empathetic, reliable and non-judgemental, and has been described as an asset to her community organisation. She leads an art group, bringing art alive and introducing service users to famous artwork.

Luke Davey 

Luke won the award for his work helping the charity Independent Age. Luke has helped an older man named Denis get out and do things in the community. Through regular meetings with Luke, Denis has gained confidence and regularly speaks in glowing terms of Luke's kindness and unwavering support.

Jessica Hayn

Jessica won the award for running a fantastic mindfulness group at the Corbett Centre for six months. She’s been described as confident, open and sincerely empathetic towards the service users.

Students in Classrooms Awards

Students in Classrooms is a joint scheme between NTU and University of Nottingham, where our students take on roles as Achievement Coaches offering critical classroom support to enable young people to fulfil their potential.

Here are the winners of the Students in Classrooms category:

Olivia Davies 

Olivia won the award for volunteering her time to work in a school with pupils who might experience barriers to education. She would spend time at lunch with students on the playground, getting involved in activities, and a teacher said Oliva could change their mood with her sunny personality.

Maqhawe Ndebele

Maqhawe won the award for volunteering his time to work at Nottingham Education and worked 1:1 with a pupil at risk of not obtaining the outcomes they deserve. He has shown resilience and determination, bringing positivity to build a strong rapport and break down barriers.

Emily Mabbett

Emily won the award for working at a primary school in Mansfield, coaching and mentoring pupils in reception classes through phonics. She’s been described as kind, cheerful, someone with a huge sense of fun and who really ‘gets’ the children’s barriers to learning.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners.

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