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Confident copywriting with Ben Afia

Ben Afia, brand and language specialist delivered an insightful copywriting workshop for postgraduate marketing students here at Nottingham Business School.

Ben Afia

Students explored the value of writing to fit the purpose and the different outcomes that can be achieved through good copywriting.

They were challenged by Ben to consider the tone of voice and writing to convey a suitable tone of voice. With practical activities, students were able to test their current knowledge of copywriting to effectively identify where they needed to improve.

In one task students were asked to identify the differences in a range of celebrity chefs tone of voice. From fiery tempers and common use of expletives to charismatic and no nonsense styles, students identified the unique characteristics that stood chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver apart from each other.

Ben went on to explain the importance of tone of voice and how marketing and brand teams work with consultancies such as Afia to effectively identify brand strategy.

Students were thoroughly pleased with the workshop. Gayathri Senanayake a student who attended the event commented “The workshop was really insightful in helping me understand how to take a more humanistic approach in copywriting. Addressing people in a digital world is the fundamental of communication and building relationships. Ben Afia guided us through the process of integrating individuality and creativity in marketing communications to address the audience with the most suitable tone of voice.”

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