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NBS Students Experience Bloomberg Trading Simulation with Amplify Trading

NBS students took part in a trading simulation hosted by Amplify Trading and FlowTrader platform earlier this month.

In partnership with Amplify Trading, MSc Finance students were given the opportunity to practise real life trading. During the event, the students were given the opportunity to experience different roles within the trading simulation such as buyers, investors or hedge funds.

This event was instructed by Dhinta Foster from Amplify Trading and facilitated by FlowTrader Platform.
The instructor of the event, Dhinta said: “The NTU Business School students were highly engaged during the session creating a competitive but friendly learning environment. The biggest feedback I got from the students was how they really enjoyed getting to put into action all the theoretical knowledge they had learnt in their studies, and actually experiencing the roles available on an Investment Bank trading floor.”

Furthermore, spokesmen from Amplify Trading told “Our mission is to close the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, allowing students to learn about the realities of financial markets in a real-world environment.
By taking part in the Amplify simulation, students get a real hands-on experience of performing a role as you would in practice. This can often be a revelation for some as they identify not only their strengths and weaknesses but also what career would suit them best.

The Amplify simulations really level the playing field and act as a great source of talent identification allowing students to be exposed to opportunities which they may not have otherwise qualified for. This fulfils two important functions; firstly, it means that people from all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to be judged purely on their performance and secondly, it creates better diversity within the financial industry.”

After a successful day of trading, one of the participants, MSc Finance and Investment Banking student, Delano Jackson said: “The session was useful and fun. This is the closest that we can get to trading outside of our classrooms and getting the feel of the different roles within investment is also an interesting part of this experience.”

The Finance simulation is one of our innovative teaching methods amongst a range of unique offerings of this course. Our MSc Finance courses are developed in close consultation with Chartered Institute of Finance. This collaboration is aimed to give a strong understanding of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills.Visit our website for more information about our postgraduate Finance courses.

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