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Drawing on the academic expertise from across one of the UK’s largest universities means that we can help to address many of the most pressing challenges facing law enforcement organisations.

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Research, evaluation and consultancy

Our research is applied, focused on making a difference to prevention, enforcement, rehabilitation and justice. We bring a multi-disciplinary lens to research questions, drawing on the combined talents of the widest range of subject areas, from social sciences, to engineering and the physical sciences.

Our academics have internationally recognised expertise in the major methodological approaches, from small-scale qualitative inquiries through to large-scale and complex statistical modelling.

We prioritise working with others through our commitment to Participatory Action Research, and to evaluation learning partnerships.

We can support the development of your prevention, enforcement and rehabilitation interventions by providing robust and independent evaluation frameworks. We can also work together to seek funding for longer-term, exploratory and innovative collaborative research.

To find out more about how research and evaluation can support you in the work that you do, please contact us.

Case Study: Reducing opportunities for burglary in the UK

Research undertaken by Professor Andromachi Tseloni and her colleagues has focused on understanding what measures help towards reductions in burglary. Their second study specifically identified that the most effective and economical security combination that prevents burglary is Window locks, Internal lights (on a timer), Double/deadlocks, and External lights (WIDE). The WIDE principles are the backbone of Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network operations, and informed national Secured By Design policy. When implemented by Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership in selected high-risk household areas, burglaries were reduced by over 50%. Tseloni and her team’s work has also directly informed the UK Home Office’s Modern Crime Prevention Strategy.

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